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22-year-old swimmer Eden Nimri dies in the Israel-Hamas war

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Swimmer, Eden Nimri dies, Israel Hamas, war
Swimmer Eden Nimri dies in the Israel-Hamas war (Photo: Shutterstock/AP)
  • Swimmer Eden Nimri is killed in the Israel-Hamas war.
  • The 22-year-old athlete died near Gaza.
  • She represented Israel in international competitions.

The Israel-Hamas war has claimed the life of Eden Nimri, a 22-year-old Israeli international swimmer.

Nimri, who was also a lieutenant in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), was killed near a base in the village of Nahal Oz.

This area has been hit with constant bombing by Hamas in the last 48 hours, several media outlets reported.

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Sergeant Cornejo, Carlos Cornejo, police, Colorado, MundoNOW
Photo: MundoNOW

The young athlete had reportedly represented Israel in international competitions and left an indelible mark on her country.

Eden Nimri represented Israel at the 2018 European Junior Open Water Swimming Championships, where she finished in 30th place.

In addition, she participated in the 2017 ISF World School Championship and the 2014 Mediterranean Cup.

The Israel Swimming Association is mourning her loss and describes her as a dedicated and disciplined athlete.

International swimmer Eden Nimri killed in Israel-Hamas war

Death, Swimmer Eden Nimri, War, Bombing, Mourning
Photo: Shutterstock

The Israeli swimmer was near the Gaza Strip when she was ambushed by Hamas terrorists on Saturday, October 7.

She came from a family that is passionate about swimming. Her sister is also a swimmer and her parents are judges in official competitions.

Her death adds to the growing list of fatalities that have been reported since the conflict between the Palestinians and Israelis began, according to OK Diario.

The dispute has reportedly left a devastating toll with more than 1,300 people dead since the attacks began and more than 5,000 injured.

International condemnation of the ongoing conflict

Attacks, International, Death, Israel Hamas war
Photo: The Associated Press

Violence continues in the Gaza Strip, where the NGO Human Rights Watch has accused both sides of committing war crimes.

Hamas has threatened to execute hostages if the Israeli bombings continue, according to OK Diario.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Turk has condemned Israel’s «complete siege» of the Gaza Strip.

Unfortunately, this situation puts the lives of civilians at risk and deprives them of the goods essential for their survival, according to the aforementioned media.

Swimmer Eden Nimri dies

Sport, Swimmer, Champion, Impact, Athlete Eden Nimri dies
Photo: Shutterstock

The dispute is still ongoing, generating international concern over its humanitarian and political impact.

Furthermore, a diplomatic solution is being sought to end this devastating war and prevent further loss of human life.

Meanwhile, the world mourns the loss of Eden Nimri and other innocent victims who have died in this crisis.

Her legacy as a talented swimmer and young woman committed to her country will live on in the memory of those who knew her.

Swimmer Eden Nimri dies: Mourning in the world of sports

Fight, Confrontation, Israel Hamas war, Shock, Society
Photo: The Associated Press

Eden Nimri is not be the first athlete to lose her life in the Israel-Hamas war.

According to Marca, ormer soccer player Lior Assulin has also died.

Assulin was killed by Hamas terrorists at a tourist resort in southern Israel.

The world of sports is in mourning over these senseless deaths. See photos of Eden Nimri HERE.

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