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Swimmer Anita Álvarez faints in the pool during competition

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Anita Álvarez desmaya competencia
  • Artistic swimmer has a frightening moment.
  • Anita Álvarez faints during her solo performance.
  • «I could see she wasn’t breathing,» her coach said.

Anita Álvarez faints during competition. A frightening incident occurred at the 2022 Swimming World Championships when one of the competitors suffered a mishap in the water, which could have been fatal for the athlete. However, her coach’s quick reaction saved the swimmer’s life.

American swimmer of Mexican origin, Anita Álvarez, was participating in the World Swimming Championship in Budapest when she collapsed during her solo routine in the free artistic swimming final, according to El universal.

Anita Álvarez faints during competition

Anita Álvarez faints in full competition

Fortunately, this incident was only a scare thanks to the quick intervention of her coach, Andrea Fuentes, who did not hesitate to jump into the pool to rescue Álvarez along with an emergency assistant from the competition.

There were a few minutes of fear at the competition, as fans fell silent waiting to see what was happening and for news about the swimmer’s health. The images quickly circulated on social media, where the coach can be seen rescuing Anita from drowning.

“I saw that they were dumbfounded”

"I saw that they were stunned"

Andrea Fuentes, who pulled Anita Álvarez out of the water after the swimmer passed out during a World Swimming Championships routine, declared that she had to enter the pool because the rescuers did not react to the situation. «I saw that the lifeguards did not jump into the water. They were like paralyzed. I was yelling at them from the other end ‘get in the water now, please!'» according to Reforma Agency.

“I saw that they were dumbfounded and I ran straight towards her. I watched her sinking and swam as fast as I could,» Fuentes told El Larguero. Álvarez, from the United States team, scared everyone that day in the Championship, when she fainted at the end of her free solo routine in the artistic swimming finals. Filed Under: Anita Álvarez faints competition

«She wasn’t breathing»

"I wasn't breathing"

«Remembering it is like a weird dream. I saw how she was sinking and I was swimming as fast as I could. I picked her up, pulled her out but she wasn’t breathing because her jaw was super hard. Closing her mouth very tight. I slapped her twice to wake her up, but she wasn’t breathing,» added the Spanish coach.

Once she was out of the pool, the swimmer was helped by paramedics and is now out of danger. Álvarez finished seventh in the final. The gold went to Japanese swimmer Yukiku Inui, the silver to the Ukrainian Marta Fiedina and the bronze to the Greek Evangelina Platanioti. Filed Under: Anita Álvarez faints competition

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