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U.S. special elections coming in 2024

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Special elections in 2024 (PHOTO: Getty Images)
  • Notable special elections in 2024.
  • Contests in New York and California.
  • Prominent candidates and key dates to remember.

The presidential election in the United States will take place on Tuesday, November 5, 2024.

Everything indicates that the Democratic candidate will be the current president, Joe Biden, while Donald Trump will once again be the Republican candidate.

However, there will be five special elections for Congress throughout 2024. Pay close attention.

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Among the U.S. special elections in 2024 is the one scheduled for April 30 in New York’s 26th District.

Governor Kathy Hochul set the date to fill the seat vacated by Rep. Brian Higgins.

The Democrat resigned from his position to become president of the Shea’s Performing Arts Center in Buffalo.

So far, no candidate has officially registered for this contest in his district.

What will happen in California?

California, New York, Republicans, Democrats, MundoNOW, US special elections 2024
PHOTO: Getty Images

On the other hand, another special election in 2024 will take place in California.

The first important date, in this case for Republicans, is May 21 in the 20th  District. And there is one more thing to consider.

There will be a primary election on Tuesday, March 19. Republicans have four candidates vying to replace former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

The DCCC isn’t focusing on this race as it is a strongly Republican district.

There is a special election in Ohio this year

US special elections 2024, Ohio, Sixth District, Federal Congress, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Getty Images

On June 11, 2024, a special election will be held to fill a seat in Ohio’s 6th District.

In this case, it was due to the resignation of Republican Bill Johnson, who will become president of Youngstown State University.

Republicans Rick Tsai, Michael Rulli and Reggie Stolzfus are running for the seat, as well as Democrats Michael Kripchak and Rylan Finzer.

This is a reliably Republican district so Democrats aren’t pulling out all the stops here.

Nebraska and California are having special elections in 2024

Nebraska, Ben Sasse, University of Florida, Eric Early, MundoNOW
HOTO: Getty Images

There are two other special elections in 2024 for U.S. Senate seats.

In California, Republicans Steve Garvey and Eric Early are on the ballot with five Democrats.

Meanwhile, in Nebraska, Republicans Pete Ricketts and John Glen Waver will compete for Ben Sasse’s empty seat.

As for the Democrats, so far only Preston Love Jr. is running.

What is the purpose of state and local elections?

state, local, governor, legislature, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Getty Images

According to, state and local elections can be held at any time.

For example, elections can be held to elect the governor of a state, as well as seats in the state legislature.

Cities hold elections for mayor, as well as judges and other local officials, but that’s not all.

Citizens can also vote on ballot initiatives that affect laws, taxes and budgets.

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