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16-year-old Shaylee Mejía dies after a fight in high school bathroom

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Shaylee Mejía dies after a fight (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Shaylee Mejía died after a fight in school.
  • Her mother says she was bullied.
  • What happened to Shaylee’s attackers.?

The tragic death of a 16-year-old girl has shaken the community after her mother revealed that she suffered serious injuries in a school fight.

According to her mother, school officials failed to prevent bullies from attacking Shaylee Mejía, resulting in fatal injuries.

This tragic situation underscores the urgent need for more effective measures by school authorities to prevent bullying and protect students.

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Photo: Archivo MundoNOW

A video recorded on a cell phone captured a violent altercation between two teenagers in a restroom at Manual Arts High School in South Los Angeles.

In the footage, the victim, Shaylee Mejía, is seen being punched and then having her head slammed into a stall as she falls to the ground, according to KTLA.

This incident has sparked significant concern among parents, and the community in general, who are demanding answers about how this event could have occurred.

The escalation of violence in schools is cause for alarm and requires immediate action from educational authorities and society as a whole.

Shaylee Mejía came home from school with bruises

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Photo: Shutterstock – Archivo MundoNOW

Shaylee’s devastated mother, María Juárez, is convinced that her daughter died as a result of that fight in the restroom.

Eight months ago, Mejía enrolled in Manual Arts High School after moving to a new apartment with her mother, Juárez, who is a single parent.

Juárez began to notice that Mejía would come home with bruises, suggesting she was involved in school fights.

This alarming pattern of violence indicates a significant failure in the safety and well-being of students within the educational institution.

Shaylee Mejía hit her head

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Photo: X (Antes Twitter)

On March 5, Juárez revealed that her daughter had been in a school fight but did tell her about it at the time.

As a housekeeper and the family’s breadwinner, Mejía didn’t want her mother to miss work.

Despite having headaches for several days, Mejía continued going to school and then to a party on Saturday, which was the last time she was seen alive by Juárez.

At the party, her daughter fainted, and was taken to the hospital. Tragically, doctors diagnosed her with a fatal brain hemorrhage.

The attackers were not punished

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Photo: X (Antes Twitter)

Shaylee Mejía passed away six days after losing consciousness. Juárez only learned about the fight after her daughter’s tragic death.

She showed videos of the fights to school officials but claimed they did not take action against the perpetrators.

Juárez blames the school for her daughter’s death, highlighting failures in communication and school action, and the urgency of addressing bullying.

The lack of an adequate response to these situations can have devastating and lasting repercussions on the school and family community.

Did the teen fall down the stairs?

“Everybody knows about my daughter hitting her head, the teachers too,” Juárez said. “Everybody knows.”

As Juárez struggles to process the pain of her daughter’s death, she said her 3-year-old son is completely devastated, according to KTLA.

“He is sad,” Juárez said on the verge of tears. “He misses his sister. “I just do not know. I want to die.”

Los Angeles police were called to the hospital when Mejia was admitted. Her cause of death remains under investigation, including a possible fall down stairs.

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