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Senate Republicans block bipartisan border package

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Republicans block border package, immigration, politics, USA
Republicans block border package (Photos: The Associated Press/Shutterstock)
  • Republicans block border package.
  • What does this mean for Ukraine aid?
  • The GOP killed negotiations.

Senate Republicans blocked a bipartisan border package, derailing months of negotiations with Democrats.

The vote reflected division over the compromise, which also included aid for Ukraine and Israel.

Although some Republicans supported the package, others criticized it as insufficient, while Democrats lamented the loss.

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The agreement between a group of Democratic and Republican senators with the White House wasn’t enough for certain groups.

The deal to restrict migration on the southern border in exchange for military aid for Ukraine was rejected in the Senate on Wednesday.

The bill, which took months to negotiate, and also proposed changes to U.S. asylum laws, failed to get the necessary 60 votes.

This is the number of votes that was necessary to move on to debate, with 50 votes against and 49 in favor, EFE reported.

Republicans block border package

Republicans block border package, Republicans, Senate, Border Package, Bipartisan, Illegal Border Crossings, MundoNOW
Photo: AP

Former President Donald Trump’s criticism of the agreement mobilized the majority of Republicans to vote against it.

This is despite the fact that the bill includes immigration restrictions that conservatives have requested for years, according to EFE.

Only four Republicans voted in favor of the bill, among them James Lankford, who represented his party in the negotiations.

Even Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell turned his back on the proposal.

What about the Democrats?

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Photo: AP

Five Democratic senators broke with their party’s position and took a stand against the bill.

They were opposed to the immigration restrictions.

The failure of this agreement leaves the Biden administration and Democrats in Congress struggling once again to find alternatives for funding Ukraine.

This could be seen as a win for Russia.

What do Democrats say?

Commitment, Election Year, President Joe Biden, Aid in Times of War, Ukraine, MundoNOW
Photo: AP

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer indicated before the vote that he will seek to present a modified bill.

This new proposal would only include funding for Ukraine and Israel, worth $95 billion.

However, it is unclear how enough support will be gathered for this proposal to advance it in the House of Representatives as well.

The Republican House majority has been skeptical of continuing to finance the Ukrainian defense of the Russian invasion.

What did the vote reveal?

 Israel, Senate Leader Chuck Schumer, Bipartisan Group, Missed Opportunity, MundoNOW
Photo: AP

The result of the vote also demonstrates that Republicans are likely to reject any proposal by Democrats to address the immigration issue ahead of the November general elections.

The failed bill had been harshly criticized by human rights organizations as it represented the most restrictive changes to U.S. immigration law in decades.

Specifically, it would give the executive power to block asylum requests at the border when more than 5,000 migrants attempt to cross in any given day.

This comes after consecutive days of record numbers of people crossing irregularly.

What else was included in the bill?

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Photo: Getty Images

The bill would also force the federal government to prevent people who cross irregularly from requesting asylum when more than 8,500 arrests are registered in one day, according to EFE.

The agreement also proposed permanently modifying U.S. immigration law to raise the requirements necessary to apply for asylum.

In turn, the bipartisan group of senators who negotiated the agreement over the last four months said it was a missed opportunity, according to The Associated Press.

In a speech on the Senate floor just before the vote, Republican Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma said it was an opportunity for the Senate to decide.

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