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Sarita Sosa is selling José José’s belongings to pay her debts (PHOTO)

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  • Sarita Sosa is selling José José’s things to pay her debts.
  • From jewelry to records, everything is for sale.
  • Is Sara Salazar in an asylum?

After the death of José José was announced and after the legal battle that his children engaged in, Sarita Sosa is selling everything that belonged to her father to get out of debt. The daughter of «The Prince of Song» had kept many of the singer’s belongings.

What a mess José José’s youngest daughter has gotten into! After being accused of taking her father to the United States when he was in poor health, which angered her stepbrothers José Joel and Marysol, the young woman is in another predicament. This time it’s because of money.

Sarita Sosa puts José José’s belongings up for sale

Sarita Sosa puts José José's belongings up for sale
PHOTO: Instagram

According to TV y Novelas, Sarita Sosa, José José’s daughter, is going through an economic crisis.  Because bills are beginning to «drown her,» the young woman has had no choice but to sell all her father’s belongings.

A person close to José José’s family told the Mexican site that Sarita is selling her father’s valuables, from his jewelry to autographed records. The also revealed some shocking news.

Sarita is selling everything to pay her debts

From records and jewels of the singer, everything to pay his debts
PHOTO: Instagram

The source close to the family said that Sarita Sosa, daughter of singer José José, was beginning to sell photos, jewelry, records, prizes and various mp3s with her father’s music. This is all to pay the debts that the 27-year-old woman has amassed up to this point.

During this interview, it was revealed that the sales were all being made through social media and she wasn’t using an official platform. «All transactions are made through personal messages, either via WhatsApp, Messenger on Facebook,» said the person close to the singer.

An autographed album goes for $150

At $150 an autographed album; They assure that Sarita Sosa is selling José José's belongings to pay his debts
PHOTO: Instagram

Reportedly, Sarita was not charging excessive prices for the singer’s possessions. However, José José’s work was priceless: “There are good prices, but José José’s memory is already priceless. There are signed things, glasses or rings that they give you with a photo that shows he used them.»

«(An autographed album by José José) costs about $150, and the autograph is open, it does not say a name, it has a generic dedication, as if they had ordered a batch of autographs.» These are other things that Sarita Sosa has been selling to be able to pay her debts.

Do José José’s other children know?

Do the children of José José know it?
PHOTO: Instagram

The source said that clothes from his shows had not been sold, just some suits that Jaime Camil gave to the Prince of Song when he was still alive: “No show clothes, just some accessories, such as glasses, cufflinks, and rings. I think there are some suits that Mr. Jaime Camil gave him, but they didn’t offer them to me.”

After this, TV y Novelas asked the source if the singer’s other children, José Joel and Marysol, knew that Sarita was selling her dad’s things to pay her debts: “They should know, we warned them; Sarita did what she wanted with him. The boys from Mexico belong to a prince, and Sarita is one of those children that one fears having when one is old.”

Sara Salazar in an asylum?

Sara Salazar in an asylum? They assure that Sarita Sosa is selling José José's belongings to pay his debts
PHOTO: Instagram

Things did not end there. After announcing that Sarita Sosa, José José’s daughter, was selling her father’s belongings to pay her debts, they also revealed that Sara Salazar was in an asylum and that is why she also needed money:

“It seems to me that she’s already in an asylum, that’s why she needs the money. Sarita’s husband (Yimmy Ortiz) is a total bum, we all know that, he doesn’t even want to work driving a taxi,» they concluded. It should be noted that, not long ago, it was reported that Ortiz had asked Sarita for money to divorce her.

Sarita Sosa’s debts

The debts of Sarita Sosa, daughter of José José
PHOTO: Instagram

It should be noted Sarita selling José José’s things to pay her debts, affects her stepbrothers’ plans. José Joel and Marysol wanted to open a museum in honor of their father. However, in light of what’s going on, they no longer know if it will be possible.

TV y Novelas also reports that one of the debts that José José’s daughter owes is for the repairs she made to the singer’s house in Miami, since said property was put up for sale.

The singer’s house in Miami is up for sale

For sale the singer's house in Miami
PHOTO: YouTube

It wasn’t long ago when TvNotas announced that the Miami house — where, by the way, José José lived his last days of life — was sold because the Saras were afraid that Anel Noreña would claim that property.

«Sarita plans to sell the house in Miami, where Don José José spent his last days. Although they want to do this because deep down they are afraid that Anel will claim that property and take it away from them,» another close source said in an interview.

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