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Safe trick-or-treating: Tips for parents and kids

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Safe trick-or-treating (Photo: Mundo Archive)
  • Safe trick-or-treating tips.
  • Make Halloween a fun night.
  • Enjoy your treats without any tricks!

As leaves crunch underfoot and pumpkins grace every porch, it’s clear that the magic of Halloween is just around the corner.

Excitement fills the air, but for parents, it’s often mixed with a dash of concern about keeping the night fun yet safe for their little trick-or-treaters.

But don’t fret — keeping Halloween safe doesn’t mean sucking the fun out of it.

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Picking out a Halloween costume is a highlight for every child, but safety should be the star of this show.

Opt for materials that are fire-resistant and ensure that the costume isn’t so long that your child might trip over it.

Reflective strips are a good add-on — they make your child more visible to drivers as they go from house to house.

Masks may look cool, but they can obstruct vision; try face paint as a fun and safer alternative.

Mapping out a spook-tacular night

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Photo: Mundo Archive

Don’t leave your Halloween route to chance; plan it out in advance.

Stick to neighborhoods that are familiar and well-lit, and perhaps even do a daytime reconnaissance mission to identify any potential hazards.

Share the route with a family member or friend who isn’t joining the adventure so someone else knows where you’ll be.

Planning reduces the likelihood of unwelcome surprises and helps the night go off without a hitch.

Nobody tricks or treats alone

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Photo: Mundo Archive

In the spirit of Halloween, the more, the merrier — and safer!

Always accompany younger kids for safe trick-or-treating.

For older children who crave a bit more independence, insist that they go in groups and equip them with a fully charged cellphone.

The buddy system ensures that if anything goes awry, there are people around to help.

Safe trick-or-treating: Inspect your candy

trick-or-treating, kids, candy, Halloween
Photo: Mundo Archive

It might be tempting for kids to dive into their Halloween haul right away, but hold off for a quick inspection.

Discard any treats that have torn packaging or look like they’ve been tampered with .

Homemade goodies from people you don’t know should also be tossed out.

These precautions may seem extreme, but it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to edibles.

Visibility is key to a safe Halloween

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Photo: Mundo Archive

A dark costume might seem like the perfect camouflage for a Halloween night, but it also makes it hard for drivers to spot your child.

Along with reflective strips, equip your little one with a flashlight or glow sticks.

Not only does it add an element of fun to their costume, but it also increases their visibility.

Safety, in this case, can add to the Halloween spectacle rather than detract from it.

Stay connected for safe trick-or-treating

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Photo: Mundo Archive

Make sure your child knows important contact information, like your phone number and home address.

If they’re old enough to carry a cellphone, set up location sharing for the night.

For those without phones, slip a small card into your costume pocket with essential contact info.

Being prepared for unforeseen circumstances is always better than being caught off-guard.

Teaching traffic safety

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Photo: Mundo Archive

This night involves a lot of walking, and much of it is near roadways.

Remind kids to use crosswalks, make eye contact with drivers before crossing, and always look both ways.

Halloween is not the night to jaywalk or dart between parked cars.

Reinforcing these safety habits can prevent unwanted accidents.

Store your treats safely

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Once the night of ghoulish fun is over, store the treats in a place that’s out of reach for pets and younger siblings.

Some candies contain ingredients like xylitol, which is harmful to pets.

Also, rationing the treats ensures that your child doesn’t consume a month’s worth of sugar in one sitting!

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