Inicio » English » Rosie Rivera is accused of being a hustler for talking about Jenni’s funeral

Rosie Rivera is accused of being a hustler for talking about Jenni’s funeral

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  • Jenni’s sister is once again attacked.
  • Rosie and Doña Rosa gave more details about Jenni’s funeral.
  • They didn’t want to invite a lot of people?

It is already known that the Rivera family likes to be involved in scandals. Since Jenni’s tragic death, her siblings, her father and her children have been on everyone’s lips. It seems that Rosie Rivera has wanted profit more, but things didn’t go as she would have liked.

The funeral of the Diva de la Banda was broadcast at the time. It was attended by her entire family and each of them dedicated some nice words to the Diva. Now it’s come to light that the Riveras didn’t invite many people, but Rosie has already come out on top for that.

They didn’t want them at the funeral?

They didn't want them at the funeral?
PHOTO: Mezcaliente

Both Doña Rosa Rivera and her daughter Rosie are known for sharing short snippets of their YouTube videos to Instagram. The two have constantly been criticized for wanting to take advantage of Jenni’s fame, not having anything else to talk about and not letting the Diva de la Banda “rest in peace”.

In one of the most recent Instagram videos from Mrs. Rosa Rivera’s personal account, Rosie is upset as she tries to explain why some of her acquaintances were not invited to the December 2012 funeral of Jenni Rivera.

Rosie Rivera declared: “Sorry to those who weren’t invited”

Rosie Rivera Accused Playboy: "Sorry to those we didn't invite"
PHOTO: Instagram

“Sorry to those who weren’t invited to the funeral” is the title of one of Doña Rosa’s videos that she has posted on her Instagram account accompanied by her daughter Rosie Rivera. Jenni’s younger sister got upset in the middle of the video and started screaming about why several people weren’t invited to the funeral.

“My sister had died, sorry to those of you we didn’t invite, we forgot.” Chiquis’s aunt began to say while looking upset. It seems that the negative comments she receives are already affecting her. Could it be that she wanted to get even at that moment for all the hate she has received?

They were grieving

Rosie Rivera accused playboy: They were thinking of something else
PHOTO: Instagram

“I was thinking of bringing my sister’s body, can you imagine it?” Rosie Rivera continued. She was responding to the criticism she receives for not having invited certain people to her sister’s funeral, while she also has been accused of being a hustler for Jenni’s fame.

“I was thinking of bringing my sister’s pieces,” Rosie finished. Given this, she began to receive negative comments: “Once again with poor Jenny, a family of freeloaders, get to work and let your sister rest.” “It’s already 2022, let’s talk about something else.”

She forgot the date

forgot the date
PHOTO: Instagram

One of the reasons why the Riveras are criticized the most is because they are said to want to bring up the Inolvidable singer all the time. In the video where Rosie gets upset over Jenni’s funeral, she has been accused of being a hustler: “Let Jenni rest already!”

“It was in 2012, you forgot the date,” commented a user against Rosie. “Ridiculous, better stop bothering and stealing from your nephews.” “Lady, you see the state the world is in and there you are with your stupidities fighting for problems that no longer exist. Better start praying and set an example.” WATCH FULL VIDEO

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