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Republican Rep. Jim Kolbe Dies at 80

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Muere legislador republicano Jim Kolbe a los 80 años
  • Republican lawmaker Jim Kolbe dies.
  • He was a Representative for Arizona for more than two decades.
  • The governor of Arizona ordered flags to be lowered to half mast.

MOURNING IN CONGRESS. Republican lawmaker Jim Kolbe, who was a Representative for the state of Arizona for more than two decades and who championed LGBTQ rights, has passed away. Kolbe won the support of a mainly Democratic region of the southwestern state for years.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey announced in a statement that Jim Kolbe passed away on Saturday, December 3, at age 80. He ordered flags to be lowered to half mast until Sunday at sunset as a tribute to the Republican legislator.

Republican Rep. Jim Kolbe Dies at 80

Republican Rep. Jim Kolbe Dies at 80
Photo: Twitter

“Arizona lost a true elder statesman and political powerhouse today. Congressman Jim Kolbe never wavered in his responsibility to our state and nation,“ Ducey began by saying in a statement released on social networks.

The governor highlighted Kolbe’s unimpeachable commitment to Arizona. “Congressman Kolbe led a life of remarkable public service. A Navy veteran, 11-term congressman, state legislator — even a congressional page for Sen. Goldwater — his commitment and dedication were boundless.”

Kolbe was a passionate defender of free trade

Photo: Twitter

Indeed, before he was elected as a federal representative in 1984, Kolbe was serving in the Arizona State Legislature. His stance on free trade and his support for an immigrant guest worker program often sparked friction with other Republicans, recalled the Associated Press.

“He was a highly-regarded expert on trade, a champion of the free market and a passionate advocate for the line-item veto. From his community in Tucson, to those in need around the world, Congressman Kolbe had a profound and lasting impact,Ducey continued.

Flags at half mast in Arizona

Photo: Twitter

“He once said he was “born for the job.” He certainly was and Arizona is better for it. Our thoughts are with his husband Hector, family, friends and colleagues. Rest in peace, Congressman,“ concluded the Governor of Arizona.

Ducey also ordered the flags to be lowered as a sign of respect. “We have ordered that flags on state buildings fly at half mast until sundown Sunday in memory of Congressman Kolbe,” said the Republican governor in the statement.

An openly gay legislator

Photo: Twitter

In 1996, Kolbe revealed that he was gay but stated that he did not want to be a poster child for the movement. “Being gay did not define and does not define me as a person today,” Kolbe commented in 1997 at a national gathering of gay and lesbian Republicans, according to Fox 10.

“He belongs to so many people,” his husband, Héctor Alfonso, told the Arizona Daily Star. “He gave his life for this city. He loved Tucson, he loved Arizona.” In 2006, Kolbe retired from the House of Representatives after completing his 11th term as an Arizona legislator.

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