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Arizona father shoots his children and then kills himself

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  • An Arizona father shot his two children.
  • After shooting his children, he fatally shot himself.
  • What happened?

A father from Arizona was pronounced dead inside his home after he took his own life. According to the authorities, the man’s two children, who he shot, were also found in the home.

So far, exactly what happened inside the home is unknown and the authorities are investigating what caused the tragic incident. In the United States, various cases have been reported where parents take their own lives after killing their children. Untreated mental health issues are an ongoing problem in the US.


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In Chandler County, Arizona, a father shot his two sons before turning the gun on himself, The Sun reported. Initial reports indicated that when police arrived at the home they found the man and he was declared dead by paramedics.

Arizona police confirmed that the two children were taken to the hospital in critical condition, according to The Sun. Therefore, it is expected that in the next few hours the state of health of the children will be updated.

What did the police say?

What did the police declare?
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The police received a report around 8:00 pm on Saturday, November 19, of shots in the area. Police officer Jason MacClimans stated that the only details he could give about the incident is that the father shot his children and then took his own life; It is unknown if there is a suicide note or any motive behind the suicide and attempted homicide.

“Right now, what we know is that a father shot his two sons and then himself,“ reported police officer Jason McClimans, spokesman for the Chandler Police Department, according to Fox 10. At the moment, it is unknown where the children were shot.

What happened to the children’s mother?

Father Arizona shoots children: What happened to the mother of the children?
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Police pointed out that they had received emergency calls from that home, but they did not disclose further details about it. Likewise, they stressed that they are investigating the incident that occurred inside the house and that led to the father shooting his children and later, himself.

According to Fox 10, the children’s mother is in the hospital with the children who they are in critical condition. The police stressed that the family had made a complaint of domestic violence. The investigation is ongoing. Filed Under: Father Arizona Shoots Sons

Who made the emergency call?

Father Arizona shoots sons: Who made the emergency call?
Photo: Twitter

Police stated that it was the children’s mother who called 911 and explained what had happened, seeking help for her children, according to ABC15. According to the Chandler police, the woman told the 911 operator that “her children had been shot».

According to police, the incident was stated to have occurred near Queen Creek and Alma School roads, ABC15 reported. What led to the father’s suicide remains unclear. The identities of the victims and the suspect remain unknown, as well as the current status of the children. Filed Under: Father Arizona Shoots Sons

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