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The pianist Raúl Di Blasio is hospitalized in an emergency

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Raúl Di Blasio hospitalized/PHOTO: Shutterstock
  • Raúl Di Blasio hospitalized
  • His health status revealed
  • Concern grows following manager’s statements

Argentine pianist, Raúl Di Blasio, was rushed to a hospital in Mexico City.

His representative detailed the situation during an interview with the media in the Mexican capital.

The statements raised concerns among the fans of the Argentine pianist.

He mentioned that Di Blasio had been feeling unwell for several days before being admitted to the emergency room.

It was heart failure

Raúl Di Blasio, concerts, hospitalized, mexico city, worldnow
PHOTO: Getty Images

During an interview with Televisa Espectáculos, Gabriel Fernández, the representative, shared specifics about the musician’s health.

“The maestro experienced heart failure. Currently, he is hospitalized, and his condition is critical,» he said.

«He is stable, but the situation is critical,» elaborated the representative, Gabriel Fernández, during his media interaction.

This news has deeply concerned Di Blasio’s fans, leading to a flurry of public statements.

I had ailments

fans, emergency, mexico, argentina, mundonow
PHOTO: Getty Images

According to Gabriel Fernández, Di Blasio had been feeling discomfort for a few days and he attributed it to the height of Mexico City.

«He began to feel a little tired in Mexico, because of the altitude and so on,» said the representative.

Gabriel Fernández pointed out: «He underwent some studies and there they saw that the teacher had heart failure.»

They did not expect that the «little» discomfort he felt would take him to the emergency hospital, but it did lead him to be in a «delicate» state.

He postpones concerts due to his state of health

doctors, egypt, canceled concerts, mundonow, Dominican Republic

Gabriel Fernández announced adjustments to their upcoming concert schedule.

“He will remain hospitalized until further notice from the doctors. His family is currently with him,» he confirmed.

“We had a concert scheduled in Egypt on October 10, and one in the Dominican Republic,” he shared regarding their planned shows.

«However, these concerts have now been postponed,» the representative added.

He had already been hospitalized in Mexico

cuernavaca, hospitals, mundonow, musician in hospital

Raúl Di Blasio had previously been admitted to a hospital in Cuernavaca after suffering a heart attack in 2012.

He underwent intensive care due to complications from the heart attack, but it seems his health challenges have resurfaced.

For now, everyone is awaiting further updates on the Argentine pianist’s health.

No new information has been provided by his representative, but updates are eagerly anticipated.

The story of Raúl Di Blasio

Hilario Di Blasio, Rosalinda Di Blasio, musician, mundonow, Argentines

Raúl Di Blasio stands as one of the most celebrated and adored pianists in the Americas, with a rich history behind him.

Born to Hilario Di Blasio and Rosalinda Di Blasio, there was no inherent musical inclination in his family.

His passion for music, especially the piano, blossomed when he was just 6.

By 17, he was deeply influenced by the rock movement, particularly by the global phenomenon, The Beatles.

One of the most recognized

The piano of America, juan gabriel, gabriel fernandez, mundonow, marco antonio solis
Raúl Di Blasio hospitalized/PHOTO:Shutterstock

La Razón reported that in 1984, Raúl Di Blasio made the decision to dedicate himself professionally to playing the piano.

He earned the title «El Piano de América» in 1988, a moniker that has stuck with him since.

Over the years, this pianist has collaborated with legends like José José, Julio Iglesias, Juan Gabriel, and Marco Antonio Solís.

Raúl often sees himself as someone always in search of change and evolution in his life.

Di Blasio greatest hits

history, the beatles, music, mundonow, argentina
Raúl Di Blasio hospitalized/Shutterstock

One of his most iconic compositions, «Corazón de niño,» is inspired by one of his children.

The tempo of the piece mirrors various life stages of a human being.

This track features prominently in his 1993 album, «En tiempo de amor.»

Raúl di Blasio is hailed as one of the preeminent contemporary pianists globally, and his journey is far from over.

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