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Rashel Díaz ‘rubs Telemundo in the face’ that she is better than ever (PHOTO)

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Rashel Díaz Telemundo Un Nuevo Día ejercicio
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  • Rashel Díaz ‘rubs’ in the face of Telemundo that he is better than ever
  • The ex-host of Un Nuevo Día presumes that she already has time to exercise
  • Also send a message that seems to have a dedication

Through a publication in your bill of Instagram, Rashel Díaz, the ex-host of the program Un Nuevo Día, announces that she is in her best moment and that she has already started doing exercise, with what somehow ‘rubs’ Telemundo that is better than ever.

The presenter was farewell A few days ago and as the days have passed, he has been in charge of giving details of it and it seems that he is doing better than before.

Now, the also actress Cuban, decided to publish a photograph in which she looks full while exercising, but also left a message that seems to have a dedication.

Rashel Diaz Telemundo

Image taken from Instagram @rasheldiaz

Rashel Díaz worked at Telemundo and was also in various programs such as ‘Sábado Gigante’, ‘Despierta América’, ‘Un Nuevo Día’ and ‘Detrás de la Fama’, among many others.

This publication was so successful that until the afternoon of this Tuesday, September 1, it had almost reached 8 thousand reactions of likes and was about to reach 100 comments.

Rashel Díaz was one of the fired hosts of the Telemundo program, Un Nuevo Día, along with Héctor Sandarti and recently Chef James.

This situation has provoked the anger of the viewers, who on several occasions have expressed their annoyance at the changes made.

However, the program is still on the air and to try to maintain the rating a bit, they have had to use some female conductors, this week the turn was for Celinés Toribio.

On the next page we will leave you a full message from Rashel Díaz about his new exercise routines.

Here we leave you the message that Rashel Díaz, who until a few days ago worked at Telemundo, posted verbatim.

“Discipline, one of the most important things to achieve what we want, but what is discipline? Well my beautiful people, it is to do what we must do even when there is no desire for anything, an example would be that, before, I had a very tight schedule in the morning and it was the perfect excuse to train only in the afternoons and one or another day if something else came up, I just didn’t do it, but now that I own my time, I must fight with that thought of: “don’t get up, stay in bed” hahaha. Does that happen to you too? ”

Then he added: “Anyway, we must fight against these kinds of thoughts every day and we must learn to ignore them, put the thoughts of: ‘I must do it, let’s do it, get up’ head on. Being disciplined is not easy at all, let us not criticize ourselves for not being so at some point, as long as we know that we have the desire and we try to be constant, persistent and courageous every day ”.

Finally he wrote: “In my case, my advice to get things done when I don’t feel like doing it and keep my record is: when you know you have something to do, without thinking about it, count ‘1,2,3’ and get up to do it! I know that you can do what you want. Little kisses”.


Image taken from Instagram @rasheldiaz

People immediately began to give their opinion on the publication of the ex-host of Un Nuevo Día, from Telemundo, Rashel Díaz.

“1,2,3 how hard it is, but the phrase he said has helped me: ‘discipline is doing what you have to do even if you don’t want to! And since I heard it, I took it and I have been getting up at 4 o’clock for 2 weeks. Gold until 5 am. I read my Bible verse and then to work, it is spectacular when you know and feel that satisfaction that you did it. Glory to God! God bless you, ”said one of the followers.

Other people wrote: “Thank you for motivating us and sharing your knowledge”, “discipline will always help us to go far”, “blessings”, “you are missed Rashel, hugs”, “always so beautiful”, “after a fall that’s the attitude.

“Hello Rashel there you look so much like your daughter, many blessings”, “thank you for motivating me … hahaha greetings from Panama, I admire you a lot”, “nice advice, thank you”, “now my Rashel, that photo is better”, ” They should make a new program with @mariacelestearraras and @myrkadellanos. It would be the boom! They would break it completely. Can you imagine the amount of audience that would have? ”, More people said.

Image taken from Instagram @rasheldiaz

But more people commented on this advice from Rashel Díaz, a former Telemundo host.

“Very true beautiful. Blessings ”,“ that is so, many times the same happens to me; then I repeat myself several times that I have to get up ”,“ that’s the way it is, ”commented more people.

One of them revealed her plans to that discipline council: “I am planning to start my exercises very early in the morning and be ready at 8am for my son’s virtual classes. I want to get in shape while there are many other things to do and keep myself more busy. ”

“That’s right and the bible says laziness will increase laziness, there is God, that’s how I am, watch out but it’s only with the exercises, hahaha, happy day, greetings from Portugal”, “greetings beautiful, thanks for motivating us”, “You have an air of freedom on your face … Enjoy it,” more women wrote to him.

One more follower defined her as follows: “You are light… a magical woman, with a transparent soul, you inspire, guide and accompany! Crystals of heavenly light for you! ”.Rashel Diaz Telemundo

Image taken from Instagram @rasheldiaz


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