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Producer Pedro Ortiz de Pinedo talks to MundoNOW about ‘Minas de Pasión’

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Producer Pedro Ortiz de Pinedo talks to MundoNOW (Photo: Getty Images)
  • MundoNow talks to Pedro Ortiz de Pinedo.
  • He discusses Minas de Pasión.
  • The successful producer’s challenges and achievements.

In a captivating exclusive interview with MundoNow, we spoke with renowned producer Pedro Ortiz de Pinedo.

Pedro revealed the details of his latest television project, Minas de Pasión.

The producer shared his enthusiasm for the positive reception that the telenovela has received.

«You work to please the audience and to win them over,» said Pedro Ortiz de Pinedo.

Pedro Ortiz de Pinedo appreciates the praise

televisa, novel, telenovela, livia brito, andrea torre

With a satisfied smile, Pedro Ortiz de Pinedo says he appreciates the praise that the soap opera has received.

“It has had very important numbers and people are talking about Minas de Pasión all the time,” Pedro said.

Pedro highlighted the profound impact that the story has had on the audience.

«It is a story that will hook the public in Mexico,» confessed the producer born in Mexico City.

Minas de Pasión has an excellent cast

osvaldo de león, karyme lozano, Producer Pedro Ortiz de Pinedo
PHOTO: Televisa

The producer did not skimp on details when talking about casting Minas de Pasión.

Pedro Ortiz de Pinedo said it was a perfect combination of talented individuals who have achieved unparalleled synergy on screen.

«They are going to enjoy the return of Livia Brito a lot. Osvaldo de León is going to become one of the great protagonists from now on.»

The team achieved a harmony that transcended expectations and became the backbone of the production.

Pedro Ortiz de Pinedo: The great return of Karyme Lozano

osvaldo de león, producer, karyme lozano, novel, televisa
PHOTO: Televisa

The conversation touched on beloved actress Karyme Lozano, who made a special appearance in the telenovela.

Ortiz de Pinedo was full of praise for the talented actress, describing her as a fundamental addition.

«Karyme is an actress that the public loves a lot. Her character triggered a lot of things.»

“We are going to see her like never before. They will be very surprised by the physical transformation of Karyme,» revealed the renowned Televisa producer.

Is he worried about Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo’s health?

televisa, livia brito, Candido Perez, A family of 10, Producer Pedro Ortiz de Pinedo
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Pedro Ortiz de Pinedo also touched on his personal life during the interview.

He spoke openly about the challenge of being the son of iconic actor and comedian, Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo.

He also took the time to talk about his father’s health and about how he feels.

«As long as there is opportunity and there is hope, hopefully he can have this transplant, anyway the doctors see him very well,» said Pedro.

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