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Prime Video presents Ugly Betty: The Story Continues

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Betty la Fea, Prime Video, serie, Beatriz Pinzón
Ugly Betty returns on Prime Video (Photo: Prime Video)
  • Ugly Betty premieres this July 19.
  • Original cast returns with new characters.
  • The drama contains death and reunions

The famous soap opera “Ugly Betty” returns to the screen with its sequel, “Ugly Betty: The Story Continues”.

The premiere will be on July 19, exclusively on Prime Video, in more than 240 countries.

Ana María Orozco and Jorge Enrique Abello return as the iconic characters Betty and Armando.

They are joined in the cast by Julián Arango, Natalia Ramírez, Lorna Cepeda, and other original actors.

Ugly Betty: A beloved soap opera

Ugly Betty, Prime Video, series, Beatriz Pinzón
PHOTO: Prime Video

The plot begins with a death that reunites Betty with her former colleagues and her husband Armando, from whom she is separated.

Betty also reunites with her daughter, Mila, a young woman with ambitions in the world of fashion after studying in New York.

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Betty’s return marks a moment of momentous decisions in both her personal and professional life.

The cast includes both familiar faces and new characters who will bring freshness to the story.

This series continues to explore themes of female empowerment and authenticity, which defined the original series.

In “Ugly Betty, The Story Continues,” the audience will see how Betty handles a business crisis and her complex relationship with Armando.

The story celebrates the personal and professional evolution of Betty, a woman who broke beauty standards and continues to defy expectations.

With a touch of humor and unexpected twists, this new installment promises to captivate the audience, just as its predecessor did 25 years ago.

The new series is based on the successful “Ugly Betty”, one of the most beloved and watched soap operas of all time.

The phenomenon transcended borders and redefined the perception of beauty in popular culture.

The sequel takes up themes from the original, but adapts them to modernity, addressing ambition, relationships and adversity.

“Ugly Betty, The Story Continues” is not only a story of love and transformation, but also a reflection on life decisions.

Betty’s return offers audiences the opportunity to rediscover a timeless heroine in a new phase of her life.

With its charm and powerful message, “Ugly Betty, The Story Continues” promises to be a success.

Fans of the original series, as well as new audiences, will find in this sequel a history that celebrates authenticity and empowerment.

On July 19, Ugly Betty is back to show that despite time and challenges, her spirit remains unbreakable.

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