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Jenni’s father, Pedro Rivera, explains how Tito Torbellino died (VIDEO)

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  • Don Pedro explained everything in an interview.
  • Jenni’s father recounted how the tragedy occurred.
  • Chiquis’s grandfather was honest in front of the cameras.

Don Pedro Rivera, the father of singers Jenni and Lupillo, was honest in an interview and offered details about the death of singer Tito Torbellino. Although some of his fans already had an idea of ​​what happened, the head of the Rivera clan has confirmed it.

Some fans of the Rivera family are concerned about Don Pedro, since they are afraid that something will happen to him for speaking out and revealing what happened the day the singer from Ciudad Obregón was murdered. Could it be that he did not have permission to speak?

Who was Tito Torbellino?

Who was Tito Torbellino?
PHOTO: Instagram Chamonic

Eduardo Tomás Tovar Rascon, better known as Tito Torbellino, was an American singer and composer of the regional Mexican genre, specializing in Banda sinaloense, Norteño and Norteño-Banda. He was especially known for his narcocorridos.

Tito Torbellino was born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1981. His Mexican roots were in Ciudad Obregón, Sonora. His musical career began in 2002. He played the accordion from the age of 15 years and began to compose his own melodies. He didn’t know then that he would have many problems because of it. Filed Under: Pedro Rivera Tito Torbellino

Tito Torbellino’s death
The death of Titus
PHOTO: Instagram Chamonic

Six shots at close range unexpectedly and violently ended Tito Torbellino’s life on May 29, 2014. An execution at lunchtime, in a Japanese restaurant in front of numerous witnesses. It was resolved, at least partially, with another bloody shooting nearly three months later.

Two suspects dressed in black entered through one of the doors. One stood guarding the entrance while another approached with long strides and emptied his 9-millimeter pistol into the singer’s chest, much to the horror of his companions. The two men fled in the confusion.

Don Pedro Rivera makes a powerful confession

Don Pedro Rivera makes a strong confession
PHOTO: Instagram Chamonic

Chamonix shared a video of Don Pedro Rivera where Jenni’s father makes a strong revelation about the death of Tito Torbellino: «Tito torbellino was already confident that he was taking the woman he wanted at his last event.” WATCH VIDEO HERE

“The assistant was there near him and he frowned, he told him when he saw a girl who was very animated. And then he told the assistant to ‘take her to the backstage’. Then the husband found out and that was why they killed him in Ciudad Obregón.” Filed Under: Pedro Rivera Tito Torbellino

Fans care

fans care
PHOTO: Instagram Chamonic

Some fans commented, expressing concern for Don Pedro Rivera: «In danger, maybe something will happen to him for talking too much.» Since they don’t know if what he said is true, people are very worried about what might happen to him.

Although some attacked him, the Rivera family is often attacked by internet users:  «Oh, he can talk about what happened to Tito Torbellino, but if someone comments on Jenni, Juan comes out angry and makes videos live!»

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