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Photos of Paco Stanley’s autopsy come to light

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Autopsy Photos of Paco Stanley Revealed
Autopsy photos of Paco Stanley revealed (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Autopsy Photos of Paco Stanley Revealed
  • Images Spread Through Social Networks
  • «It was the work of the government,» Speculate Netizens

THE CASE IS NOT FORGOTTEN! Twenty-five years after the assassination of Paco Stanley, details continue to emerge about the loss of the television personality.

After the premiere of the Prime series «Who Killed Him?», various fans did not hesitate to search for images of the fatal attack on Paco Stanley.

Through social networks, the images from the autopsy carried out on the body of the TV Azteca host went viral.

Francisco Jorge Stanley Albaitero died on June 7, 1999, while he was at the Mexico City restaurant El Charco de las Ranas.


Paco Stanley, death, autopsy, Autopsy Photos of Paco Stanley Revealed
Autopsy Photos of Paco Stanley Revealed – Photo: Mezcalent

In a disturbing turn, the images from Paco Stanley’s autopsy have resurfaced and gone viral, fueling both interest and controversy around the case.

With his face swollen and blood stains surrounding the presenter’s face, these controversial photographs caused a commotion.

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In addition, the bullet wound can be seen on one of Stanley’s cheeks, and the identification number remains close to the man’s body.

The release of these images has been criticized by some who consider it disrespectful to the memory of the presenter and his family.

The Controversy of Paco Stanley’s Death Continues!

Paco Stanley was an emblematic figure of Mexican television in the 90s, known for his irreverent humor and charisma.

His abrupt and violent death shook the country and left an indelible mark on Mexican popular culture.

And 25 years after the fatal event, netizens continue to talk about this tragic incident, criticizing the images circulating on social networks.

«What they must have charged those who leaked those autopsy photos,» «I had never seen these photos!» «It was the work of the government,» they expressed.

What Happened?

After recording «Una tras otra,» Stanley headed to one of his favorite restaurants, a place frequented by celebrities and public figures.

Everyday life seemed to proceed normally while Paco enjoyed his lunch with friends and colleagues.

No one suspected that this would be his last moment of tranquility, however, minutes later life would take a turn after a fatal attack.

Around 2:00 PM, Stanley headed to his van accompanied by his friend and collaborator, Mario Bezares.

He Received Four Gunshots!

As they settled into the vehicle, tragedy struck brutally when three armed men approached the van they were traveling in.

Paco Stanley was surprised by a gunshot attack. Four shots directly hit his head, ending his life instantly, reported El Mañana.

The news spread rapidly, causing profound dismay and sadness among his followers and colleagues.

Meanwhile, Mario Bezares, who was in the restaurant’s bathroom at the time of the attack, was immediately pointed out as a suspect.

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