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Revealing the secrets of organized crime: The hidden life of Juan José Espárrago Moreno, alias El Azul.

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Welcome to Mundo Narco, the space where we delve into the hidden lives of mafia leaders and their connections to the world of organized crime, specifically organized crime and drug trafficking. In this episode, we explore the intriguing story of Juan José Espárrago Moreno, known as El Azul. Join us on this captivating journey into the depths of organized crime as we uncover the causes behind his transformation into a powerful drug trafficker and reveal the secrets of his involvement in organized crime and drug trafficking.

Juan José Espárrago Moreno, also known as El Azul, rose to the top of the DEA and US government’s most-wanted list due to his deep involvement in organized crime. However, his story remains shrouded in mystery and conspiracy. Through the meticulous investigation conducted by journalist Jesús Lemus Barajas, we unearth Espárrago Moreno’s special connections to the United States government and the CIA. Listen to the new season of the podcast «Mundo Narco» CLICKING HERE.


Our investigation uncovers Espárrago Moreno’s role as a highly effective double agent, working closely with both the DEA and the Federal Judicial Police in Mexico. This double life granted him access to invaluable strategic intelligence on drug trafficking operations and enabled him to establish alliances with notorious cartel leaders such as Rafael Caro Quintero and Joaquín «El Chapo» Guzmán.

Notably, we shed light on Espárrago Moreno’s involvement in the tragic case of DEA agent Enrique «Kiki» Camarena, who was kidnapped and brutally murdered in 1985. Espárrago Moreno discovered Camarena’s true identity as an undercover DEA agent and, driven by concerns for his safety, attempted to save him by alerting the CIA to the Guadalajara cartel’s plans and the agency’s complicity in drug trafficking activities to Central America.

A Tragic Case and Desperate Attempts


Despite his valiant efforts, Espárrago Moreno was unable to avert Camarena’s dire fate. The DEA orchestrated an operation to pin the blame for the murder on the leaders of the Guadalajara cartel, effectively concealing the CIA’s involvement. This development forced Espárrago Moreno into a life of constant evasion, perpetually hunted by the DEA.

In 2014, news of Espárrago Moreno’s alleged death due to a heart attack circulated, but the circumstances surrounding his demise remain mired in confusion. No concrete forensic evidence or his body were ever found. Journalist Jesús Lemus puts forward the theory that his death was meticulously staged, allowing him to disappear into anonymity, shielded by the protective veil of the United States government.

An organized crime revelations

Stuff from organized crime

Despite his alleged demise, our investigation reveals that Espárrago Moreno’s criminal enterprises continue to thrive under the management of his family. We expose the properties and companies involved in money laundering and drug trafficking operations that have remained untouched. These revelations raise troubling questions about the complicity of both the Mexican and US governments in facilitating these illicit activities.

The captivating story of Juan José Espárrago Moreno, alias El Azul, immerses us in the shadowy realm of organized crime and its intricate web of connections to government entities and security agencies. Through his role as a double agent and his courageous attempt to save the life of DEA agent Enrique «Kiki» Camarena, Espárrago Moreno emerges as an enigmatic and controversial figure, showcasing the inherent complexities of organized crime.

Uncovering the Complexities of Organized Crime

Money exchange for organized crime

Despite concerted efforts to erase his existence, Espárrago Moreno’s enduring influence persists through the continued operation of his family-managed criminal enterprises. The lack of irrefutable evidence regarding his death, coupled with the collusion of governments enabling his impunity, raises profound questions about the true extent of power and corruption within the world of organized crime and drug trafficking.

At Mundo Narco, we unveil a fragment of the life of one of the most influential mafia leaders. However, numerous untold stories and hidden secrets remain within this treacherous realm of organized crime, waiting to be uncovered. Explore the dangerous underbelly of the world of organized crime with us as we peel back the layers and expose the truth.

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