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Oreo builds asteroid-proof bunker and fills it with cookies

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Oreo cookies are perhaps one of the most recognized cookie brands in the world.

Its consumption has transcended continental borders to reach every corner of the planet, and the fame of this brand is so great that its creators have made a decision: to preserve it for as many years as possible.

Fearing a natural disaster that could put the integrity of the Oreo cookie factories at risk, the company has decided to build a bunker capable of withstanding the onslaught of an asteroid.

Thus, future generations will not be left without trying a recipe that has conquered the hearts of millions of people around the world.

Meet the bunker built by Oreo to preserve its most important recipes

  • A world heritage: This is how the Oreo company takes care of its products, and has just built a bunker capable of withstanding the fall of an asteroid
  • The bunker is located in the Arctic Circle, specifically in Norway, and it has kept the original recipe for the most famous cookies in the world
  • A large quantity of cookies and powdered milk have been stored in the bunker, covered by a special laminated sheet to preserve their condition.

For several decades, there has been a trend to build bunkers in various parts of the world.

Many people have dedicated themselves to the construction of these shelters in the face of the latent threat of war, a nuclear disaster or the fall of an asteroid.

The company Mondelez Int., Creator of Oreo cookies, has made the executive decision to preserve its recipes and its most important ingredients, as well as samples of its products in the event of the possible fall of an asteroid in the coming years.

According to information from NASA, it is believed that the asteroid known as 2018VP1 could get dangerously close to Earth on November 2.

NASA experts have assured the population that the risk of said asteroid being a serious threat to the planet is very low, but for the creators of Oreo, although low, the danger still exists.

Like many people, Mondelez Int. Executives are unwilling to envision a future with iconic Oreo cookies, so they have built a bunker capable of withstanding a fall from an asteroid.

Photo: Shutterstock

Oreo builds a bunker to protect the original cookie recipe

The bunker, officially called the «Global Oreo Vault» is a construction designed to withstand a fall from an asteroid and protect the content intact.

It was built in Svalbard, Norway, and is located within the Arctic Circle.

There, Oreo’s mission is to fully preserve original samples, ingredients, and recipes of its products.

Inside this vault, the executives in charge of the project have placed packages of cookies, powdered milk and, most importantly, the secret recipe of the famous cookie.

The fact that so many people have built bunkers in various countries around the world served as a starting point for Oreo to lean towards this decision.

However, one of the most important details that have been taken into account is that, although the bunker has the necessary elements to preserve the samples in good condition and resist a hypothetical fall of a meteor, those responsible for its construction have determined that this is not the only precautionary measure they will implement.

Each sample will be wrapped in special laminated packaging that can withstand temperatures from -80 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, which is equivalent to -62 to 148 degrees Celsius, approximately.

Furthermore, this special material protects the cookies from chemical reactions, humidity, air and other elements for several years.

Photo: Shutterstock

Reactions to the bunker have not been long in coming: what are users saying on social networks?

For users of social networks, the measure implemented by Oreo has been surprising, but it has also generated positive comments.

Likewise, it has also caused reactions from the voting age population: if the NASA data are correct, the asteroid 2018VP1 could fall into the Earth on November 2, the day before the US presidential elections.

In a promotional video released by the company, which users have found ‘dramatic’, the reasons behind the construction of the Global Oreo Vault are explained step by step.

To the surprise of many people, the idea was proposed by a Twitter user, who launched a question that made more than one think, including those responsible for producing and marketing Oreo cookies.

In the tweet, the user asked: «If the asteroid hits Earth on Election Day, who will save the Oreos?»

The asteroid has also been called the «Election Day Asteroid» and it has been proven that its approach to Earth may be far from being as dangerous as some believe.

The priority: protect your most important products in the face of a potentially catastrophic event for humanity

As part of the project, Oreo has released the exact location of the Oreo Global Vault in Norway.

If a fan of the most famous cookie in the world wants to know the location of this vault, they only have to write the address in Google Maps 78 ° 08’58.1 ″ N, 16 ° 01’59.7 ″ E, which will direct you to a direction somewhere in the Arctic Circle and Norway.

Photo: Oreo

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