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On top of a table and in a bathing suit, JLo appears without filters with all the cellulite on her butt (PHOTOS)

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  • The singer JLo appears wearing her statuesque figure in a swimsuit
  • The celebrity shows off her cellulite while vacationing at the beach
  • The images were published on social networks

JLo cellulite vacation. The famous singer and actress Jennifer Lopez (JLo), enjoys her vacation in the Turks and Caicos Islands, and appears on social networks wearing her statuesque body in a bathing suit but you can see the celebrity’s cellulite.

The 51-year-old actress appeared in

a picture on Instagram where she can be seen on top of a board in the sea and holding an oar, showing off her body in a daring black bathing suit.

It is worth mentioning that he is vacationing in the Turks and Caicos Islands which are located in the Atlantic Ocean, and it was there while he was showing off his statuesque body, where his cellulite could also be seen.

JLo cellulite vacation 1


Toned body with cellulite

All eyes were on the celebrity as she walked down the beach in her sexy black one-piece swimsuit, with a low-cut back, showing off her toned body, according to Daily Mail.

Even also in the account of Instagram of JLo Bronx Girl, created by the singer’s followers, shared the image where JLo appears enjoying her vacation on the beach.

Several Internet users began to react and comment on the celebrity’s publication, where most of them dedicated themselves to sending compliments and compliments for the actress.

The time that JLo dedicates to the gym has borne many fruits since he constantly shares several images on his social network account where he can see an enviable body for all women.

In some photos, the celebrity is seen taking several selfies trying to capture her impressive surroundings, with her hair tied up and wearing a shine without makeup and wearing hoop earrings.

Reactions of Internet users

JLo cellulite vacation. After seeing the post on an Instagram fan page, where JLo can be seen showing off her cellulite in a black swimsuit while vacationing at the beach, several followers commented on the image.

JLo cellulite vacation 2


The photo so far has a total of 680 «like» reactions and even has almost 30 comments that Internet users made in the publication.

One netizen mentioned: “It’s supposed to be pretty. If mine looked like this, I’d be wearing a skirt suit! ”“ Perfectly imperfect. I’m glad this photo shows what some consider «imperfect.»

There were those who said that this is what a normal person looks like without makeup: “This is what real people look like. You must be used to photoshop and plastic surgery. »

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Some followers even mentioned that she looks beautiful like this, without any filters or makeup: “It feels good to see real photos! She is beautiful!».

There were those who did not let it pass that they saw cellulite: «What a lie, she is perfect, they use the applications to distort the image that delusions she is beautiful», «I thought I was the only one who had cellulite and that I do exercise.

JLo cellulite vacation 3


«Cellulite», «CLike any other woman, unless you’re super slim and don’t eat fat. ”,“ You mean carbohydrates and fat are very good for your muscles and for your health in general ”,“ The Most Beautiful Lady In The World ”, «What a lie, she is perfect, they use the applications to distort the image that delusions she is beautiful», «They forgot about photoshop», «Without filters, that’s how it is done», «It’s good to see it normal.» Image on Instagram from the followers.

It should be mentioned that the singer was also seen sitting in a white dress, looking towards the ocean, and after a while she returned to enjoy her vacation.

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