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Is it Adamari all over again? Another host leaves ‘Hoy Día’

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Despiden conductora Hoy Día
Nicole Suárez leaves Hoy Día (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Another host’s departure from Hoy Día raises questions.
  • Nicole Suárez makes an announcement.
  • Is it similar to what happened to Adamari?

Nicole Suárez, the beloved Hoy Día presenter, is bidding farewell to the morning show.

After contributing her charisma, professionalism and infectious energy for several years, Nicole is embarking on a new venture.

Throughout her time on Hoy Día, she emerged as a central figure in news and entertainment broadcasting.

Her on-screen presence has been synonymous with joy and authenticity, captivating a diverse and dedicated audience.

Bidding adieu to Hoy Día

Nicole Suárez, fired, new job, mundonow, news
PHOTO: Getty Images

From celebrity interviews to international event coverage, Nicole showcased her versatility and dedication.

While her departure leaves many with mixed emotions, her fans can anticipate that this is just a new chapter in her flourishing career.

It’s certain that Nicole Suárez will continue to achieve success in her upcoming endeavors.

And there’s more to the story, as it’s already been revealed what the 32-year-old host will be doing after leaving Hoy Día.

Was another host fired from Hoy Día?

telemundo hosts, journalists, presenters, mundonow, colleagues
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Hoy Día posted a video announcing Nicole Suárez’s departure on their official Instagram account.

«Today, we bid farewell to our colleague @nicolesuareztv,» the post stated.

«She embarks on a new adventure as the co-anchor of Noticias Telemundo Mediodía @noticiastelemundo,» they disclosed.

«While we will miss you on Hoy Día, we are thrilled for your achievement!» the announcement concluded.

A tribute to Nicole’s contributions

broadcast, morning show, mundonow, Penélope Menchaca, daniel arenas
PHOTO: Getty Images

During the live broadcast of the morning show, a moment was dedicated to bidding farewell to Nicole.

They compiled a montage of her finest television moments as a parting gesture.

Penelope Menchaca said, «A well-deserved opportunity, we are immensely joyful for you.»

It was emphasized that while Suárez would make occasional appearances on Hoy Día, it wouldn’t be as frequent.

The online community reacts

Internet user, followers, platform, social networks, mundonow
PHOTO: Getty Images – MundoNOW File

The morning show’s social media post regarding Nicole’s departure drew reactions from netizens.

«Nicole, we will miss you greatly. May God bless your new path, wishing you tremendous success,» wrote one commenter.

«Congratulations, Nicole. You deserve this. I still remember you from our Latin beauty days!» another individual commented.

«Keep moving forward; you are an inspiring woman!» said another user in response to the video.

Nicole already has a new job

new job, monday to friday, telemundo dismissals, viewers,
PHOTO: Getty Images – MundoNOW Archive

Starting on Monday, August 21, journalists Nicole Suárez and Octavio Pulido will embark on a new venture.

They will serve as co-anchors for Noticias Telemundo Mediodía, airing from Monday to Friday, an exciting step for them.

This news program is broadcast at 12:30 PM/ET on the channel.

The daily news show will also feature exclusive entertainment reports with correspondent Quique Usales.

Nicole is happy with the change

Noticias Telemundo Mediodía, reporter, journalist, Instagram, Hispanics
PHOTO: Mundo Now Archive

«Noticias Telemundo introduces its new hosts,» announced Noticias Telemundo’s official Instagram.

«Starting Monday, Nicole Suárez and Octavio Pulido will be at the forefront of informing the Hispanic community,» they added.

«It’s great to see you in the news. I stopped watching Hoy Día after Adamari’s departure,» a user commented on the post.

The day Adamari left

Adamari López, host, toni costa, mundonow, rumors
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Following over 11 years as the face of the morning show, Adamari López was let go from Hoy Día.

Her departure was accompanied by a flurry of rumors and controversy.

After the program’s broadcast on Thursday, April 6, Adamari López was removed from her hosting role.

This news was confirmed by El Diario hours later, sparking intrigue across social media platforms.

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