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Daniela Navarro’s nephew dies and she writes a sad message (PHOTO)

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  • Artist Daniela Navarro’s nephew dies.
  • The Telemundo actress is in pain due to the departure of her relative.
  • Andrés Eduardo fought against a brain tumor.

Daniela Navarro’s nephew dies. A time of sadness and pain is lived by the renowned Telemundo actress, Daniela Navarro, known for her participation in Tierra de reyes and Marido en Alquiler, after the death of her nephew, according to information from the news site People en Español.

So much is the pain experienced by the artist that through social networks she wrote a heartbreaking message: “God help me, how the hell do I live with this pain. I am afraid of not knowing how to get out of this darkness.”


Daniela Navarro's nephew dies
Instagram photo

According to the publication, the victim was identified as Andrés Eduardo, who was the actress’s nephew, who for more than two years struggled with a brain tumor, which kept the family together and with great strength to move forward.

The Venezuelan actress shared the news through her official Instagram account and there she revealed all the pain, sadness and crying she has suffered when she lost the love of her life, as she cataloged in her post when she learned of her departure.


Brain tumor
Photo Mezcalent

The entire message was as follows: “The love of my life is gone, I’m broken, I don’t know what to say or what the hell to do, I don’t want to talk, I felt it in my heart that today was the day, God help me. How the fuck do I live with this idol? How the hell do I give strength to my mother and sister, if I don’t have them?
Andrés I love you, you will always be my pretty boy ”.

In the same account, he received endless comments in which they wish him a speedy recovery and sympathize with his pain, so many that until noon today, August 3, he had more than 3,000 comments from people and more than 73,900 likes. . Filed Under: Daniela Navarro’s nephew dies


Andres Eduardo
Instagram photo

Days before, the actress posted a message with a photograph that said: “I ask you to pray, pray a lot now, a prayer chain for the Miracles of my nephew Andrés Eduardo José Navarro Santo Domingo, Ya por favor”. God I beg you, do not take it back, return it to me healthy, just one Miracles, please, in a prayer chain NOW ”.

And he added: “God please, mercy. The doctors are sending us to say goodbye. Nooo, I refuse, I don’t refuse, please pray, sister I love you, what strength you have, mommy nephews and brother I love you together in this God is going to give us the Miracles ”. Filed Under: Daniela Navarro’s nephew dies

Daniela Navarro’s nephew dies: PRAYER

Daniela Navarro's nephew dies
Instagram photo

The chain of prayer was “Help me, everyone, My good Jesus, I praise and adore You, I love You with all my heart and I appreciate your dedication for us on the Cross, I come before You knowing that You are always by our side that you see everything, you know everything and never give up.

You who grant life in abundance and are a true doctor and giver of health, You who are the Good Shepherd and take care of your flock, I beg you to come down and grant your protection and protection to this loved one who suffers so much from his illness, I appeal to your infinite Love, to your goodness and mercy, and I request the grace of health for Andrés Eduardo Jose Navarro Santodomingo ”.

Daniela Navarro’s nephew dies: ASKED WITH FAITH

Brain tumor
Photo Mezcalent

And he continued: “You who said: ‘I am the Resurrection and the Life’, who by receiving and carrying in Yourself our illnesses, you cured the ailments and ills of those who approached you; I come to you full of hope, full of security, to implore from your Sacred and Divine Heart ”.

“Compassionate Lord Jesus, who to the blind man from Jericho, who sitting by the road said to you in a loud voice:“ Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me ”, you replied:“ Recover your sight, your faith has saved you ”, and at the moment he could see, I ask you with all my faith: Lord, return Andrés Eduardo José Navarro to health on Sunday, ”he said.


Andres Eduardo
Instagram photo

In another publication, he posted the following message: “My God, you had not presented me with pain and you showed it to me with two blows, 2 blows that I don’t even know how to walk, I’m afraid of not being light for my family, I’m afraid of not knowing how to get out of this darkness, they say that you put tests on your warriors to endure, tell me sir how I endure ”.

And he added: “I apologize to God for being ungrateful and not understanding today and filling me with questions, I ask you sir to give me strength to give it to my family and continue with my light that characterizes me, today I feel in a dark hole, I walk for walking, I don’t think I even listen to what they tell me, I just want to try not to imagine my life without them, today I just wanted to pick up the phone and tell Columba that she left us, today I forgot that she also left me, not today I don’t even know what to do, between solving everything and giving strength to my family, I don’t know I don’t know, I just don’t know how I’ll do to live without them ”. Filed Under: Daniela Navarro’s nephew dies

Daniela Navarro’s nephew dies: LA CONFORTAN

Photo Mezcalent

Immediately the actress began to receive comments from friends, followers and family, one of them was the ex-host of Suelta la Sopa, Carolina Sandoval who only limited herself to writing the following briefly: “I hug you.”

The next was the Peruvian actor Ismael la rosa who wrote: “I’m very sorry Dani! My spirit is with yours and that of your family. We can only live and embrace the pain and the process, and then transmute it into the celebration of his life! I give thanks for all the Health and Strength that Our Creator gives you here and now.
I hug you tight with a lot of light and love ”.

Daniela Navarro’s nephew dies: THEY SOLIDARIZE

Instagram photo

But in another photograph, the famous people decided to join her pain and sent her moving messages like her partner Rashel Díaz: “My friend, I send you a big hug and from now on I will be praying a lot for you and your family !!! Believe me that God will give you the strength, trust Him! He is with you! I know you are going through a very hard time but take refuge in it ”.

On this occasion, the one known as “Veneno” Saldoval, expanded his repertoire and now he did write a little more words to his meaningful message: hard ”.


Daniela Navarro's nephew dies
Instagram photo


Days before his death, people joined the cheers so that his nephew could recover: “Andresito, you can daddy… always with the support of your family, we always saw that where you lived for many years in Buena Vista Santa Teresa, a thousand blessings for you Dani for Mrs. Carlota for Carlos Enrique and that God be with them and his will is that you continue for many more years Andrés ”.

Someone else added: “How beautiful faith moves mountains, don’t forget God is there accompanying him at all times … The family is the most valuable support for him and you managed to reunite them … So he just waits with great faith for the results of this.” Filed Under: Daniela Navarro’s nephew dies


Photo Mezcalent

The actress has not made any comment on television, she has only limited herself to expressing her feelings through social networks and with photographs of her loved ones who are no longer with her.

But his family and friends have shown him their solidarity, love and affection, so much so that he has had thousands of comments on his official Instagram account, as well as several more likes for the stories he posts on social networks.

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