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Neida Sandoval’s husband’s confession before dying

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  • Neida Sandoval is going through one of the most difficult times of her life.
  • Now, the journalist’s husband’s dying words have come to light.
  • David Cochran died at the age of 70 due to complications from three strokes and heart attacks he suffered almost 20 years ago.

Honduran journalist Neida Sandoval, winner of five Emmy Awards in the United States for her coverage of the devastation Hurricane Mitch caused in Honduras and Central America, is experiencing one of the most difficult moments moments of her life after her husband’s death.

Just a few days ago, it was announced that David Cochran had died at the age of 70 due to complications he had after suffering three strokes and heart attacks almost 20 years ago. Now, his dying words have come to light….

What did Neida Sandoval’s husband say before he died?

What did Neida Sandoval's husband say before he died?
YouTube photo

Through her official YouTube channel where she has 112,000 subscribers, Neida Sandoval shared an exclusive interview she did with her husband, David Cochran, for their  33rd wedding anniversary. In this video, you can see how the couple swore eternal love to each other.

Before the interview started, the journalist revealed that they were married on April 11, 1987. Next, she showed a photograph of their civil wedding, which took place in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. They were surrounded by their loved ones.

David Cochran talks about his marriage to the journalist

David Cochran confesses how his marriage with the journalist has been

YouTube photo

Despite his health complications, David Cochran happily shared that his marriage with Neida Sandoval had its ups and downs, and that their life together had been a roller coaster. Neida couldn’t help but laugh. David was a retired military officer.

«But it’s not entirely her fault, the fault has also been mine,» he joked in very good Spanish, something that the former host of Univision’s Despierta América program highlighted. «I was born in Tennessee and grew up in Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky and Texas,” said David Cochran.

How did Neida Sandoval and her husband meet?

How did Neida Sandoval and her husband meet?
YouTube photo

The Honduran journalist shared that she and her husband met in 1986: «David was working in Central America and had learned a little Spanish because he was working for the United States Department of Defense.» David Cochran continued after that….

«We were representatives of all the services of the army, the infantry, the navy, as well as the naval service and the air force service, except for the coast guard, because they did not have a representative,» said Neida Sandoval’s husband. He was part of a group of United States military counterintelligence specialists working in Central America.

“My brain is like a boiling pot of soup”

"My brain is like a boiling pot of soup."
YouTube photo

Neida Sandoval recalled that a month after they bought their house in Texas, she had to go to Florida to live alone in a motel. The reason? She got a job at Despierta América, so her husband stayed to live in that house with one of her brothers. At that moment, David Cochran made a revealing confession…

“You have heard of my strokes and health problems, my brain is like a boiling pot of soup and sometimes an idea or fact comes up. She (referring to his wife) was not easy, I had to fight. She was very dedicated to her work.”

David Cochran believed that Neida Sandoval was also in the military

David Cochran believed that Neida Sandoval was a military man like him
YouTube photo

Immediately, Neida explained to her husband that when they met she was already working in radio and television. David was confused because she worked in the public relations area of ​​the Honduran Armed Forces, specifically on a program called Proyecciones Militares, where she came out dressed in a military uniform.

“For a long time, I thought she had a higher rank than me. One day she came out as an officer of the Air Force, another day of the army, another day of Naval Service and I didn’t know who she was. Because of public relations, many times she was reporting things that were forbidden for me to speak about in public. I thought that she worked in intelligence too,» said Neida Sandoval’s husband.

The real reason why he proposed to her

Share the real reason why he proposed to her
YouTube photo

Near the end of the interview, Neida Sandoval asked her husband about the real reason he asked her to marry him and he replied: «I was divorced at the time and she was the first woman who reminded me of the joy of having a baby in my arms. It made me think about being a dad again.”

“I don’t know what to say, I’m proud of how my children (Abener David and Aliene Aída) have grown, but I still miss my little girl a lot, especially when she came home I could hold her in this hand, with her head here and a leg on each side, with one hand. That’s why I wanted to marry her,” he concluded (TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE).

“His death leaves a great void”

"His death leaves us with a great void."
YouTube photo

The Honduran journalist Neida Sandoval announced the sad death of her husband, David Cochran through social media on February 22: «Although David had been in fragile health for 19 years due to the consequences of cardiovascular complications as a result of 3 strokes and heart attacks that he suffered in January 2003, his death was unexpected and quick.”

“David passed away at our home surrounded by our love and care. His death leaves a great void and we ask our beloved God, peace for his soul, and comfort for our hearts saddened by his physical departure. We love you David and we cannot believe that you are no longer with us, ”she expressed.

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