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Mrs. Rosa, Jenni Rivera’s mother reveals that she had a kidney tumor and shares a photo injecting herself

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FOTO: Mezcalent.
  • Mrs. Rosa confesses that she had a kidney tumor
  • Jenni Rivera’s mother also confesses that she developed cancer after the singer’s death
  • The lady confessed how difficult this process had been for her

Mrs. Rosa Rivera, Jenni Rivera’s mother

revealed that she had a kidney tumor, but fortunately she was already in better condition and that if everything went perfectly she would not need an operation.

Go that Mrs. Rosa Rivera, mother of the deceased band diva, It has been difficult for her health, and it is because she was ill with cancer, now the lady affirms that she even had a tumor in her kidney.

In a recent photograph shared on the official Instagram account of Mrs. Rosa Saavedra, she confessed to her more than 300,000 followers that she had had a kidney tumor, however she was already in the last procedures.

Jenni Rivera

PHOTO: Instagram. Rosa Rivera

In the snapshot, Jenni Rivera’s mother appeared with a big smile, while the doctor was apparently in charge of injecting her.

At the bottom of the photograph, Mrs. Rosa Rivera confirmed that she had already removed a tumor that she had had in the kidney some time ago:

“Right now I am undergoing treatment for gallstones and just as I had a kidney tumor removed months ago, I have faith that first God and then the cells I will not need surgery. Dr. Silvia Mayorquin, thank you ”.

PHOTO: Instagram. Rosa Rivera

Quickly, various comments began to arrive at the photograph of Jenni Rivera’s mother, Mrs. Rosa Rivera, where followers also recounted their experiences when undergoing an operation.

You can see the photograph where Mrs. Rosa confirmed that she had had a kidney tumor.

It should be noted and before Rosa Rivera herself, Jenni Rivera’s mother, confirmed that she had had a tumor in the kidney, several images were revealed in which the lady with cancer was also seen.

In a publication that is available on the official account of Instagram of the program Despierta América, and which until then had more than 140 thousand reproductions, you could see the following:

With the title «Rosa Rivera speaks for the first time about the cancer she suffered after Jenni’s death», the lady confesses: «I was diagnosed with cancer in the second degree.»

It is a documentary in which Jenni Rivera’s mother speaks for the first time about the breast cancer that afflicted her after the death of the singer, and that, fortunately, he has already overcome, like the tumor he had in his kidney as well.

VIDEO: Instagram. Wake up America

«The moment of cancer was terrible, one because I did not have Jenni and another because I did not have my mother and other times I thanked God for not having them so that they did not suffer that pain along with me because cancer is very ugly, cancer is horrible. Then you see your children suffer for you, and then, no matter how hard you try to hide, you can’t do anything ”.

In this publication, it is recalled that it was in September 2013 when Mrs. Rosa Rivera shared that she was afraid of a cancer diagnosis after a biopsy, and from that moment, the Rivera family avoided talking about the subject.

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