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Video of Mrs. Rosa, Jenni Rivera’s mother, infected with COVID sets off alarms (VIDEO)

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  • Mrs. Rosa Rivera, Jenni Rivera’s mother, contracted COVID.
  • People are alarmed by the way the Rivera matriarch looks.
  • Does she need to be hospitalized?

Jenni Rivera’s mother, Mrs. Rosa Saavedra, appeared in a video published on her YouTube account where she explains her health situation, as she has been having a pretty bad time in recent days after she contracted COVID and also some images of ‘Live Gossip ‘make it clear that the Rivera matriarch’s status is delicate.’

Although in her official YouTube account ‘Doña Rosa Rivera Cocina‘ where she shares cooking recipes and her family’s anecdotes, she could be seen looking more calm, she herself admitted that she feels unwell: “Still delicate, don’t think this is easy, it’s very hard, I was comparing it to cancer and I say’ Son of a…. what’s the hardest thing’… I put up with everything… ” she said with a broken voice.

The health status of Mrs. Rosa, Jenni Rivera’s mother, sets off the alarms

Mrs. Rosa cries for having COVID mom Jenni Rivera
Instagram: Live Gossip

“Thank you Lord, because you help me to overcome everything, you help me to get back up, thank you for my children who don’t abandon me… blessings to all the people who have sent me their good wishes,” said Jenni Rivera’s mother through tears visibly affected, with face masks and a red cap to stave off the cold.

And she began to say that she can already taste and smell more things. With COVID she lost those senses. Additionally her oxygenation is reaching more normal levels. She talked about how bad it was in the days previous to that video, although she knows she still hasn’t overcome the coronavirus as it hit her pretty hard.

Through tears, Mrs. Rosa talked about her delicate health situation with COVID

Jenni Rivera's mother is sick, Mrs. Rosa confirms
YouTube: Doña Rosa Rivera Kitchen

“Thank God the oxygen is at 98%, we are all fine, everything has gone well. The children have tested negative, and right now they are being taken care of by the babysitter. I’m locked in my room, until now I went out to eat but Juan disinfects everything here and thanks to Lupillo, he sent me some vegetables and after a while I’m going to eat some…” Mrs. Rosa is heard saying as she focuses on her food and Juan Rivera is heard in the background.

However, it caused alarm that the lady didn’t stop coughing and in another angle of the video, uploaded to the Instagram account ‘Live gossip’ you can see how bad her congestion is, as she talks about everything she has felt after contracting COVID.

She is locked in her room

Mrs. Rosa is sick with COVID

Jenni Rivera’s mother has been locked in her room and assures that she barely went out to sunbathe: “Funny things have happened with my granddaughters. I asked them for diapers and they brought me tamales because I had diarrhea. Then they brought me popsicles, and later I told them ‘diapers’, panties, and they brought me men’s panties. Let’s see if I don’t feel like becoming a man,” she said laughing.

Doña Rosa’s granddaughters are not allowed inside the house and she also thanked Rosie for praying for her health. In addition Ayana brought her some things from the supermarket, while Juan Rivera made the recording for her YouTube channel visibly hungry, Jenni Rivera’s mother began to eat her food.

People worry about her physical appearance since she isn’t vaccinated

Jenni Rivera's mother is sick, Mrs. Rosa feels bad
YouTube: Doña Rosa Rivera Kitchen

Through the video, Mrs. Rosa received endless comments in which the common denominator was people asking her to take care of herself: “Get vaccinated, a person your age has many risks. I hope you recover soon”, “Take care of yourself, Doña Rosa… We love her because she’s a very strong and brave lady… have courage”, “Have a lot of hot broths”, “Even with COVID the Rivera take advantage of it to be on everyone’s lips.”

“Poor lady and she has not been vaccinated, I hope she recovers soon”, “Get vaccinated, this virus has no respect. Thanks to GOD YOU’RE MAKING IT!”, “But that lady is very reckless coughing like that without putting on a mask”, “She looks very bad and if she was making bad propaganda about the vaccine, then let her learn her lesson.” “Because she’s ignorant and doesn’t want to be vaccinated, she’s already an older lady, I hope she doesn’t get worse,” they warned her.

The images of the sick singer’s mother are added to the recent leaks of the singer’s funeral where ‘her spirit’ appeared

Mrs. Rosa mom Jenni Rivera

Jenni Rivera’s supposed spirit appeared at her funeral. Almost 9 years have passed since the fatal plane crash where “La Diva de la Banda” died. The plane where the beloved Hispanic singer was transported fell in the middle of the mountains near the northern city of Monterrey.

In addition, details of the tragedy of Jenni Rivera the ‘Diva de la Banda’ recently resurfaced after the plane in which she was traveling fell, since in a video the residents who helped to ‘clean’ the area of ​​the accident, give details that shock her followers, according to a video that appears on YouTube. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF JENNI RIVERA’S MOM.

Video of Jenni Rivera’s spirit at her funeral causes a stir

Video of Jenni Rivera's spirit at her funeral causes a stir

The ‘Diva de la Banda’ finished a concert in Monterrey, Nuevo León and after leaving, she got on her plane to go to Mexico City for her participation in the La Voz Mexico program, but a few minutes after taking off, the plane crashed and no one survived.

The short video of Jenni Rivera’s spirit shows her coffin, surrounded by her family who are preparing to pray for the eternal rest of the beloved singer. After asking those present to lower their heads, the prayer begins. “Wonderful God, we come before your presence to thank you”, is heard in the video.

Was it the spirit of Jenni Rivera at her funeral?

Was it the spirit at his funeral?

After this, the video stops and points to a part of the image that shows the supposed figure of Jenni Rivera’s spirit at her funeral. The video starts playing again and now the supposed ‘appearance’ of the “Diva de la Banda” is played in slow motion.

“Apparently, the Diva de la Banda was present at her funeral,” reads the description of the controversial video. Immediately, the video provoked the reaction of the beloved singer’s followers

She was not the only one to ‘appear’ after her tragic death, “Benito”‘s girlfriend said that the murdered actor appeared before her

She was not the only one to 'manifest' after her tragic death and that is, the girlfriend of "Benedict", revealed how the murdered actor appeared to him

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