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Michelle Galván confirms her divorce from Fernando Guajardo

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Family, Michelle Galván Fernando Guajardo, divorce, papers - Familia, Michelle Galván, divorcio, papeles, MundoNOW
Michelle Galvan divorces Fernando Guajardo (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Michelle Galván Files for Divorce from Fernando Guajardo
  • Hints at Trouble on Social Media
  • Chef Guajardo Remains Silent

LOVE IS OVER! Renowned journalist and «Primer Impacto» presenter on Univision, Michelle Galván, has officially begun divorce proceedings.

The presenter decided to end her decade-long marriage to chef Fernando Guajardo after rumors of their separation surfaced.

On April 30, Galván filed for divorce in Miami-Dade County courts, according to publicly available documents.

Although the case remains open, Guajardo has requested two extensions, the latest on June 17, which has delayed the progress of the legal process, reported People en Español.

Michelle Galván and Fernando Guajardo Divorce

Family, Michelle Galván Fernando Guajardo, divorce, papers, MundoNOW
Michelle Galván Fernando Guajardo -Photo: Mezcalent

Rumors of a potential split between Galván and Guajardo intensified several months ago.

However, in an attempt to quash speculation, the couple made a united appearance on April 17 at the grand opening of Guajardo’s new restaurant, CIDRA, in Miami.

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This public event led many to believe their relationship was still strong, as they posed happily and appeared quite close.

However, since that joint appearance, they have not been seen together in public again, reigniting rumors of marital problems.

Was There Infidelity?

Shortly after the restaurant opening, a post on Galván’s social media stirred her followers, according to People magazine.

«Intuition warns you, time confirms it, and your self-love helps you overcome it. Time and again,» she wrote on Instagram in early May.

This introspective and reflective post was interpreted by many as a sign of the personal struggles she was facing.

By that time, the divorce proceedings were already underway, suggesting that the couple had been dealing with their differences privately before making any final decisions public.

What Caused the Breakup Between Michelle Galván and Fernando Guajardo?

The decision to separate after ten years of marriage was undoubtedly difficult for Galván and Guajardo.

Especially considering the impact on their daughter Megan.

Specific details about the reasons behind the breakup have not been disclosed.

However, Guajardo’s requests for extensions indicate that both parties are taking their time to resolve the legal and personal matters involved in a divorce.

«I’m Shocked»

The news caused a great stir on social media, where users did not hesitate to express their feelings about Michelle Galván’s divorce.

«Michelle, you can’t imagine how shocked I’ve been to learn that you’re separated from your husband,» «They separate and never say anything and everyone speculates and then they say: ‘It’s my private life’,» were some of the comments.

Of course, users also expressed that the presenter’s family’s process should be respected.

«Don’t listen to so much negativity,» «Live your life, don’t listen to others,» they declared on social media.


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