Inicio » English » Mexican singer Lupita Castro denounces Vicente Fernández for allegedly harassing her (VIDEO)

Mexican singer Lupita Castro denounces Vicente Fernández for allegedly harassing her (VIDEO)

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  • Mexican singer denounces alleged abuses of Vicente Fernández
  • Lupita Castro says she was harassed by the charro
  • The journalist Javier Ceriani shared the news on social networks

Lupita Castro denounces harassment. After images and videos were released where the singer Vicente Fernández appears touching the breasts of some young women who decided to take a photo with him, now the musical artist Lupita Castro denounces alleged abuse of Don Chente.

The journalist of Gossip No Like, Javier Ceriani, shared a video on his account Instagram, where the singer Lupita Castro appears attacking the Charro de Huentitán, for allegedly being harassed by him.

“The singer #LupitaCastro denounces alleged abuses by #VicenteFernandez, ensuring that she has data and dates that corroborate her version,” thus accompanied the shared recording.

Lupita Castro denounces harassment Vicente Fernández


In the clip, the singer begins by saying what Don Chente did to her: “Vicente Fernández harassed me for a long time, but he did something more serious than that, my name is Lupita Castro and I’m a singer.”

Then she mentioned that she did not make this recording to take advantage of the situation in which Don Vicente and his controversial videos are going, but that she began writing her book 8 months ago, and a Spanish-speaking United States television station interviewed her.

Lupita Castro denounces harassment 2 Vicente Fernández


“They told me to tell him about what I was saying, and what happened with that interview? Nothing, so that’s why I’m here, I want to tell my truth, the important thing is not because I stay so long, the most The important thing is “why did he do it?” I have data and dates and everything, “said Lupita.

He also affirmed that he has suffered a lot for not saying anything, for being silent about what supposedly happened between the two singers, but he assures that he will not be silent anymore, “I also have power, the power of the word and the power of this device.” the singer finished.



These controversial accusations by Lupita Castro against Don Vicente Fernández, caused several followers to react to the publication and leave their comments about what happened.

Lupita Castro denounces harassment 3


“Net how sad those who say why did it take so long? Because until now you have not been there at that time and do not know the traumas or the reasons, only they know what it brings and why and I feel that when they speak they feel free,” said a user.

Some affirmed that this situation does not seem strange to them and that there may even be more cases like these: “I would not be surprised if it were true and that more women came out.”

“Madam, everything you say can be understood, it is so terrible that it continues to happen, however if you are publicly denouncing in networks we need to hear your testimony about the facts, situations, evidence, witnesses of your complaint not with details, but to have idea of ​​how he lived and being able to give a clear opinion of his bad experience to repudiate the fact and ask for justice ”, was another opinion of a follower.

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Some even blame fame: “When people have a lot of power they don’t believe them, but sooner or later everything comes to light, there is a movie called“ citation ”is from real life from Nigeria of abuse with a teacher with much power they did not believe him, but a student fought for them to realize that it was him.

“And now that he can achieve by reporting he is already very old and I don’t think he will get to jail, maybe if he had done it before, but now for what? “,” Another who wants to become famous “,” Pure publicity for her 5 minutes of fame “,” Ridiculous old woman, at her age, what are you looking for? ”

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