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Marc Anthony worries his fans with his sickly appearance (VIDEO)

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  • Marc Anthony worries his fans with his sickly appearance.
  • Fans wonder if he’s using drugs?
  • The love between Jennifer López and the singer.

What happened? Some fans of American singer Marc Anthony were quite surprised after he was seen looking rather haggard and thin. There also seemed to be something wrong with his mouth, as though he was wearing dentures.

In the late 90s, salsa singer Marc Anthony established himself as one of the most talented and sought after artists in the United States. Thanks to his sex appeal and talent, he managed to steal the hearts of thousands of women and even Jennifer López herself fell for his charms.

Marc Anthony’s appearance worries everyone

The Marc Anthony look that worried everyone
PHOTO: Instagram

However, all this seems to be in the past. At least that is what many users are saying on social media after seeing a recent video where the singer, now 53 years old, looked run-down and unhealthy. He was also moving his mouth strangely.

On the Instagram account @chicapicosa2, a video alarmed fans of the singer from New York because of how thin he looked.

Strange jaw movements and his rundown appearance worry Marc Anthony’s fans

The movements in his jaw and the deterioration of his appearance alerted the followers of Marc Anthony
VIDEO: Instagram

In the video, which already has more than 13 thousand shares, the performer of ‘Vivir la vida’ is seen giving one of his many performances. Despite the fact that everything seemed to be proceeding normally, followers of the account argued that he seemed to have physically deteriorated and there was something strange about his mouth.

Many followers pointed out that Marc Anthony looked quite thin and haggard in the video and that his jaw was moving from side to side when he wasn’t singing, almost as if he was moving something around inside his mouth.

Is it because of drug use? Marc Anthony’s haggard look surprised everyone

Is it because of drug use? Marc Anthony's slim look surprised everyone
VIDEO: Instagram

After this video of Marc Anthony was looking so thin and haggard came out, many followers began to worry about the singer. A user commented: “It’s not only his mouth, but his hands too, he makes Tourette movements.” “What I do see is that he looks very thin, poor thing.”

Others pointed out that the singer may be taking drugs and that is why his appearance looked like this: “How sad, what drugs do.” “What happens is that people idealize artists, they think they don’t use drugs or anything. It has been said all his life that Marc Anthony uses a lot of cocaine.” “This is what drug use does to him, those are the characteristic movements of addicts.”

Why does Marc Anthony look like that?

Are you running out of teeth? Why does Marc Anthony look like that?
PHOTO: Instagram

Other followers pointed out that the American singer was simply adjusting his teeth and that is why he was making that strange movement with his mouth: “I say that the dental plaque came off.” “I think he was adjusting his teeth and that’s why he makes those movements.” Could it be that Marc Anthony is losing his teeth?

It should be noted that some non-believers believed that this video was simply altered and that his movements were not real. However they still couldn’t explain his thin appearance: “Honestly it looks as if it were edited, it must be fake.” “That video is edited, it doesn’t even look like him.” “That video is edited.” “That is super fake.”

The relationship between Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

PHOTO: Instagram

As it was mentioned at the beginning, one of the most talked about romances in the  2000’s was undoubtedly the love between singers Jennifer López and Marc Anthony. And it all started when the couple met in 1998 and he introduced himself at a musical on Broadway. After this JLo said that he told her that she would be his wife one day.

And everything seems to indicate that this was the case. Jennifer ended her relationship with actor Ben Affleck and the singer ended his relationship with Dayanara Torres and they were married the following year. Unfortunately their marriage ended 10 years later, but they maintain a good relationship for their children. YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF MARC ANTHONY HERE

JLo caught on a date with Marc Anthony

PHOTO: Mezcalent

Before Marc Anthony worried his fans with his thin appearance and strange jaw movements, he and Jennifer López were caught by some reporters enjoying a meal together. This was despite the fact that the Queen of the Bronx was already dating Ben Affleck at that time.

On El Gordo y La Flaca’s Instagram account, you can see this image that thas more than 30 thousand likes to date. It has caused reactions of all kinds. The former couple was in the W hotel in South Beach.

JLo and Marc Anthony wanted to go unnoticed

PHOTO: Instagram

Although many people saw nothing unusual about this meeting, since they could have been discussing their children — Emme Maribel and Maximilian David Anthony — other people thought something else was going on.

“She’s Thanos for a reason. She’s going to gather them all (her ex-partners) as if they were the Avengers stones.” “She is looking for them all.” “Marc tells her to stop taking ‘stepparents’ to his children.” “All men have to be for her.”

They always had a good relationship

PHOTO: Instagram

Other people showed their support for singer Jennifer López, who just a few months ago ended her relationship with former baseball player Alex Rodríguez. They did not see anything wrong with her meeting Marc Anthony: “They have a very nice relationship and two children.”

“They have always supported each other, I don’t see anything controversial.” “But these people have two children, what is so strange?” “What better support than the father of your children.” “He’s the father of her children, she can meet with him as many times as she wants.”

She gives no clues

PHOTO: Instagram

After she ended her relationship with ARod, the singer and actress has been very discreet about her private life. Although images have been leaked where she is see with her former partner, actor Ben Affleck. And now she’s been photographed with the father of her children, Marc Anthony.

In her most recent post on her official Instagram account, JLo shared a short video showing some of her JLo Beauty brand skincare products. (TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE).

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