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Malillany Marín talks about her return to soaps with ‘Vivir de Amor’

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Malillany Marín, soaps, 'Vivir de Amor'
  • Malillany Marín returns to soaps with Vivir de Amor.
  • She has not appeared in telenovelas for years.
  • What made her return to television?

Malillany Marín returns to soap operas playing Jimena Díaz in Televisa’s Vivir de Amor.

This news marks an exciting return to the small screen for the talented Cuban actress.

In a recent interview, Marín was enthusiastic about this new chapter in her career.

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Working on Vivir de Amor gave Marín the opportunity to collaborate with other prominent actors.

Among them are Emmanuel Palomares, Kimberly Dos Ramos and Gala Montes.

The actress highlighted the quality of the cast and the chemistry on set, which made it an unforgettable experience.

Marín’s appearance on the soap opera promises to add a distinctive touch to the television drama.

Why did Malillany Marín return to soap operas?

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PHOTO: Meznivel

Malillany plays Jimena, a woman who has been married to Iker (Mauricio García) for 10 years and feels that she has the perfect marriage, until she discovers that he is unfaithful to her.

She said that the plot of Vivir de Amor immediately appealed to her and that is why she did not hesitate when she was offered the role.

«The plot number one caught me. The story is very good and I respect my audience a lot,» she said.

«For me it is always important to make projects that I would watch, that I would watch and that I would enjoy,» she added.

Malillany Marín has a  lot of respect for her audience

Televisa, Jimena Díaz, production, "live on love"mundonow
PHOTO: Meznivel

Malillany Marín talked about her deep commitment to her audience, whom she considers her family.

Malillany highlighted that she doesn’t just love acting for the money, but for the significant bond she has with her audience and the great affection she has for them.

She said she is dedicated to creating great stories, stressing that this particular show is an example of that.

She emphatically stated: «It is very important and it is very important for me to do things for you that are worthwhile.»

Marín worked with Salvador Mejía

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Because of her commitment to her audience, she turns each project into an opportunity to connect and entertain viewers.

Malillany Marín is excited about this upcoming project with Salvador Mejía.

«I really love Mr. Salvador Mejía’s production, my last telenovela, in fact it was Qué Bonito Amor,» she said excitedly.

«I am very grateful to him for the opportunity to work together on a project again,» she told MundoNow.

She wants her audience to learn from her character

colleagues, Emmanuel Palomares, Kimberly Dos Ramos, Gala Montes, mundonow, actress, Salvador Mejía

The collaboration between the actress and the renowned producer promises to offer viewers an exciting and moving television experience

Marín’s enthusiasm about this new project is evident, and her dedication to her craft continues to be a constant in her career.

Since her character is dealing with infidelity, Malillany wants women to learn from her.

«(Let them learn) Sorority, first of all, and empathy. Not judging. Sometimes we judge and point out what we don’t even know what it is like, we have to learn to listen,» she said.

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