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Confirmed! Luis R. Conríquez and his new girlfriend will be parents

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Luis R Conriquez having a baby! (Photo: Instagram)
  • Luis R Conriquez having a baby!
  • He and his girlfriend are expecting a girl.
  • Will Saúl Canelo Álvarez be the godfather?

Once again, everyone is talking about Mexican singer Luis R Conriquez… and not because of his music.

The creator of war corridos and his new girlfriend, Ivette Camacho, are having a baby. Has his ex-wife, Karen Caro, already found out?

The artist did not announce this surprising news, but rather one of his fans outed him.

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Luis R Conriquez having a baby!

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Photo: Instagram / Luis R Conriquez

In his most recent Instagram post, Luis R Conriquez appears with his new girlfriend in a restaurant.

The singer simply expressed himself with an emoji, to which Ivette Camacho responded that she loved him.

However, it was a follower who spilled the beans: «Congratulations on your baby, my ‘Saint Trakas’.»

As a joke, he told her that if it’s a girl, he should call her Karen, like his ex: «The name suits her pretty well, Morticia loves everything Karen has.»

More details about the happy news

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PHOTO: Instagram / Chamonic3

Chamonic3 shared more details about Luis R Conriquez having a baby.

The couple hosted a gender reveal party where guests came dressed in blue or pink, depending on what they thought the gender of the child would be. She will be a girl.

Mexican boxer Saúl Canelo Alvarez was one of the guests at this celebration and it is said that he will be the baby’s godfather.

And as if they had done it on purpose, it was also Karen Caro’s birthday. She celebrated with her family and children.

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