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Mitos y leyendas: The Legend of the Rhea

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  • Mitos y leyendas shares with you the tale of the rhea.
  • This amiable creature was once human.
  • Two brave warriors risked everything to help those in need.

Eons ago, in the vast territories of Mendoza, dwelled a prominent tribe of natives, distinguished by their kindness, hospitality, and diligence.

Their lives unfolded in harmony until one day they received news that from beyond the mountains and from the north of the region, cruel natives, warriors of ill intentions, were approaching.

Soon, the invaders surrounded the tribe of the good natives, who decided to seek help from an allied village settled in the neighboring region.

However, to deliver the message, it was imperative to cross the enemy’s siege, a task that no one dared to undertake.

A brave warrior

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Finally, a young man in his twenties, vigorous and agile, recently married to a young woman from his tribe, presented himself to their leader, determined for anything.

Offering himself for the mission, and after receiving the affectionate wishes of his tribe, at dawn, he departed with his wife.

Marching with the characteristic indigenous step, the couple did not encounter the enemy’s outposts until the second day.

Not for a moment did they separate, confident in their skill, dodging the traps and bolas that the invaders threw while running and jumping.

New birds

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Pursued ever closer by the fierce warriors, they continued their exhausting race eastward.

Just when it seemed they would be caught, they began to feel lighter; suddenly, they transformed.

Their legs lengthened and thinned, their arms turned into wings, and their bodies were covered in feathers.

Their human features vanished to give way to the graceful forms of two large birds: they became what would eventually be known as rheas.

Defeat of the enemy

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At great speed, leaving their pursuers behind, they reached the tribe of their allies.

Alerted, the friends took up their weapons and quickly departed. They surprised the invaders and defeated them, forcing them to return to their lands. Thus, the legend of the origin of the rhea on Earth is told.

Undoubtedly, a story that captivates all who are fortunate enough to read it and learn more about the culture of other ancient peoples.

Mitos y leyendas bids farewell for now and hopes that the legend of the rhea has been to your liking. Until next time!

Mitos y Leyendas
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