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La ‘Gringuita’, the woman with whom El Chapo allegedly cheated on his wife Emma Coronel (PHOTOS)

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  • Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán had a supposed secret girlfriend with whom he cheated on Emma Coronel
  • Valeria Rubí Quiroz «La Gringuita» was supposedly his girlfriend for two years
  • The young woman refused to give an interview to give details of the romance

Chapo Guzmán secret girlfriend.

Through social networks it is circulating that the drug dealer Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán, allegedly had a secret girlfriend nicknamed ‘La Gringuita’, while he was married to the model Emma Coronel, according to the portal The universe.

The young woman named Valeria Rubí Quiroz «La Gringuita», affirmed that she did not know that she had a relationship with the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, much less that he was a fugitive from justice, she was informed as time passed.

Valeria began dating Chapo Guzmán when she was not yet of legal age, apparently they met in 2009, it is even said that he appreciated her very much and affectionately called her ‘la Gringuita’, according to Univision.

Chapo Guzmán secret girlfriend La Gringuita, Emma Coronel, wife Chapo


The secret couple would have seen each other for the first time at a party of a cousin of the young woman, as the program of El Gordo y la Flaca said, Valeria lived in the mountains where the drug trafficker was hiding from the authorities.

What happened to La Gringuita?

In 2011, El Chapo returned to Valeria with his parents and asked that they not return to Culiacán because he was going to steal her again, now the woman lives in the state of California, she is married and has three children.

Chapo Guzmán secret girlfriend La Gringuita 2


In 2007, the most wanted criminal married the model Emma Coronel, for which he was allegedly unfaithful for two years that he was with Valeria between 2009 and 2011, according to Formula Group.

The woman said that after ending her relationship with Guzmán, she no longer had contact with him, so her cousin asked that they no longer connect her with the drug trafficker.


Apparently Valeria Rubí Quiroz «La Gringuita» changed the color tone of her hair, replacing the blonde that she had when she was Chapo’s girlfriend, with a dark brown, that’s how she was seen in the drug trafficker’s trial.

Chapo Guzmán secret girlfriend La Gringuita 3


The woman refused to give an interview for the Univision network, and thus avoided giving more details about the relationship she had with the criminal, only said that I do not maintain contact with him.

It is known that Chapo Guzmán has a weakness for women, so despite being married to Emma Coronel, he could not help being unfaithful to the model and he did so for two years.

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Emma Coronel is a celebrity on social media

While the most famous drug trafficker Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán will spend the rest of his life locked behind bars, his wife, the model Emma Coronel, appears on social networks with an elegant dress that impresses her fans.

Emma Coronel, wife Chapo


Chapo Guzmán’s wife has made only 5 publications so far and is impressive since she has more than 400 thousand followers on her official account. InstagramThe most recent publication was a photo in which she is seen dressed as a wedding as part of an advertising campaign.

But this time it appeared on an account of Instagram created by her followers, where she appears with a beautiful and elegant long gray dress, they even tell her that she looks like a mermaid.

The model appears reclining posing for the camera, with her blonde hair loose, wearing a shiny dark gray dress, where she shows off her cleavage that makes her followers sigh.

Although the model causes several sighs in her fans, there were also some who found certain defects in Chapo Guzmán’s wife, since they mentioned that Emma looks better with dark hair.

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