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José Pablo Urbina is wanted on a charge of capital murder

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Foto: Oficina del Alguacil del Condado de Harris / Video: MH
  • José Pablo Urbina, 20, has an arrest warrant in Houston, Texas, on a capital murder charge
  • Urbina, according to authorities, planned the assault on a house where marijuana was kept, but everything went wrong
  • Bryant Delatorre and Rister Omar Méndez Ramos, the latter of Urbina’s cousin, died in the shooting fight

José Pablo Urbina has an arrest warrant accused of capital murder in what was the assault on a house where they were hiding drugs.

Urbina, 20, is wanted by agents of the Homicide Division of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO), in Houston, Texas, accused of the shooting death of another young man.

The crime of capital homicide for which they are looking for Urbina is the only one that, according to the Texas State Penal Code Anyone found guilty after a trial is punished with the death penalty.

The most surprising thing in the case against Urbina is that the boy had already been arrested by detectives from the Homicide Division of the HCSO for the same crime.

However, Judge Ramona Franklin of the 338th Criminal District Court in Harris County, where Urbina was handling his case, released him on bail despite the seriousness of the accusation.

Now the HCSO agents, in collaboration with other corporations, have to search for him again and arrest him.

According to authorities, José Pablo Urbina, despite his youth, was the mastermind behind the violent shooting of a house in the Channel View neighborhood, east of Houston, where a cache of marijuana was hidden.

Urbina planned the armed assault on the house, in complicity with other boys, to keep the drugs and money, according to the legal documents of the case, consulted by MundoHispánico in Texas.

José Pablo Urbina planned the assault on a house in which a stash of 50 pounds of marijuana was kept, but the robbery went wrong and two people died in the fight. Now he is a fugitive and is charged with capital murder. (Photo: Harris County Sheriff’s Office)

However, the robbery unleashed a shootout with the men who were guarding the house and Urbina is primarily responsible for the intentional death of at least one person and the accidental death of another young man who was his cousin.

At 2:30 a.m. on Wednesday, July 17, 2019, the neighbors near the house marked 16326 Pecan Street, in Channel View, woke up alarmed by an intense shooting that interrupted their sleep.

For a few minutes some boys, at least four, broke into the house and at the point of bullets they tried to get hold of several packages of marijuana that were stored there.

However, two men who were inside guarding the drugs were also armed and were shot. Inside the house, Bryant Delatorre, one of the marijuana custodians, died of several shots to the head.

George Ramiro Burgos, 19, was an accomplice in the assault on the house with drugs and testified that Urbina was the one who planned the robbery in which two people died. The boy is already in custody and could face the death penalty.

The alarmed neighbors went to see what was happening and managed to see how three boys ran out of the house carrying long guns, one was dripping blood, and escaped in a white Ford F-150 truck.

Faced with the heavy shooting, the neighbors called the emergency number to report the incident in which house that, later, the authorities would find 50 pounds of marijuana packaged in plastic bags.

The shooting was so scandalous and caused such alarm that even Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez showed up at the scene to coordinate investigations by his Homicide Division and Drug Division officers.

In the house, the HCSO agents discovered a television connected to various security cameras outside the house, so the man who was guarding the drug warned of the attack and was already prepared with several weapons.

One of the neighbors told the agents that he saw how one of the three boys leaving the house was severely injured and his companions laid him down in the box behind the truck.

While Ed González was coordinating the investigation at the Pecan Street home, another incident occurred that, at first, appeared to have nothing to do with the shooting.

A motorist called the emergency number to report that in a block off 15200 Market Street, about a mile from the house on Pecan Street, a boy was lying down and appeared injured.

The emergency center ordered a patrol car to go to that block and the HCSO agent stated that he found a young man with various gunshot wounds to the torso and who had already died from his injuries.

The HCSO agents identified that second dead man as Rister Omar Méndez Ramos and who, according to the description of the neighbors, coincided as the wounded boy that his alleged accomplices removed from the house on Pecan Street.

During the crime investigation, HCSO agents discovered that the truck used in the shooting by the men who robbed the house was owned by a woman who told them that her son, José Pablo Urbina, had borrowed it.

Detectives from the Homicide Division and the Drug Division discovered that 19-year-old George Ramiro Burgos had also participated in the assault on the home and issued an arrest warrant for him and arrested him without incident.

Burgos testified that Urbina recruited him, Rister Omar Méndez Ramos, Urbina’s cousin, and another unidentified subject to raid the safe house of a drug trafficker whom he knew as ‘Pumba’ where he kept merchandise.

According to Burgos, the assault on the house went wrong. In the melee Urbina killed Delatorre with a shotgun but also wounded his cousin Rister in the chest. When they saw him wounded, they ran out of the house and then left him lying in the street and escaped.

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