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Jesse Ramos was arrested for threatening a policeman with a gun

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Foto: Departamento de Policía de Houston / Video: MH
  • Jesse Ramos was arrested in Texas because in the middle of the snow he threatened a policeman with a gun
  • The incident began because the agent, who was off duty, had a traffic confrontation with Ramos
  • Ramos faces the felony of aggravated assault on a public servant and is already in the Harris County jail

Jesse Ramos was arrested in Texas on the charge of aggravated assault against a police officer whom he threatened with a pistol.

Ramos, 26, is already being held at the Harris County Jail on charges of aggravated assault on a public servant for threatening an agent of the Houston Police Department (HPD).

The incident, which led to the assault on Jesse Ramos,

began with a petty traffic conflict on the streets of Houston, Texas, as a brutal snowstorm descended on the city.

Jesse Ramos is already facing his legal process before Judge Brian Warren of the 209th Criminal District Court in Harris County, according to the legal documents consulted by MundoHispánico in Texas.

On Tuesday, February 16, 2021, Houston was covered in snow and ice when an HPD agent, after his workday, returned home to rest before returning to patrol in the city.

The case documents do not detail exactly which street the HPD agent, who was driving in his private car, was driving when he suddenly spotted a speeding black truck that was driving erratically.

The agent, who was not wearing his uniform when the events occurred, was concerned about the way in which the man in the black truck was driving over the city because if he skidded on the ice he could cause an accident.

With his car, the agent caught up with the driver of the black truck, a Hispanic boy, and asked him to drive with caution because he was putting himself at risk and putting other people at risk as well.

Jesse Ramos, 26, is charged with the felony charge of assault on a public servant after he threatened a law enforcement officer with a weapon. (Photo: Houston Police Department)

However, the boy in the van reacted violently and lowered the glass and pointed a gun at the police officer.

In a stupor, when he was threatened directly in the face with a gun, the HPD agent decided to follow the man to get the license of the truck and make the report to his superiors.

The man in the black truck continued to drive through the streets of the southwest of the metropolitan area at full speed, without any precaution despite the ice and broken traffic lights, while the agent followed him.

The legal documents of the case do state the name of the HPD patrolman but, to protect his identity due to his functions as a law enforcement officer, that detail will not be disclosed in this note.

Suddenly, the Hispanic man in the black truck noticed that the police car was following close behind. The man did not know at the time that the driver of the car that was pursuing him was a law enforcement officer.

The man in the black truck, later identified as Jesse Ramos, saw the car following him again and slowed down to wait for the car that was chasing him.

When the agent caught up with him, he was ready with his charge weapon for any eventuality. The Hispanic in the truck lowered the glass again, drew the gun again, and not only pointed the gun but fired several shots.

None of the shots, according to the testimony of the HPD agent, were fired by the man with the intention of hitting him because they went into a vacant lot and the officer calculated that Jesse Ramos only wanted to intimidate him.

Thanks to being able to follow him closely, the agent memorized the license plate of the black truck and made the report to his superiors, who informed him that the owner was identified as Jesse Ramos with address in southeast Houston.

The officer followed the black truck, but no longer close enough to avoid a confrontation, until he saw the man pull over to a housing complex at 11500 Keegans Ridge Drive and break into an apartment.

The HPD agent took advantage of that to call his colleagues from the HPD Violent Assault Division who arrived at the scene and waited for the man to leave his house and then detained him.

While searching Jesse Ramos, detectives from the Violent Assault Division found the weapon with which he allegedly threatened the HPD agent who asked him to drive with caution.

Jesse Ramos, according to criminal records of the Harris County, was detained in June 2018 on one count of death threats to a member of his family and for that crime he served a sentence of community service.

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