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It falls from a ninth floor! Writer and specialist Frank Suárez dies tragically (PHOTOS)

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  • The tragedy reached the famous writer Frank Suárez who dies after suffering a spectacular fall
  • It is investigated whether the causes of death are due to an accident or presumed suicide
  • The writer was famous for his nutrition and health care books

The famous writer and specialist in nutrition and metabolism issues Frank Suárez dies after allegedly falling from a ninth floor, according to the authorities.

The author of books like ‘Diabetes without problems’ was found dead on February 25 in the condominium Loyola Park, located in Hato Rey, a neighborhood of the city of San Juan, in Puerto Rico, where he lived.

A police report indicated that Frank Suárez would have fallen from a ninth floor, which is why it is being investigated whether the incident turned out to be an accident or an alleged suicide.

Writer Frank Suárez dies (Twitter)

Writer Frank Suárez dies (Twitter)

Frank Suárez was 71 years old and as reported ‘People in spanish’, was a specialist in a weight loss system, created by himself and called ‘NaturalSlim’, which consists of using different eating techniques.

Such was the fame of Frank Suárez that he managed to sell 5 million copies of his five books that gained popularity in Latin American countries such as Colombia, Mexico and Panama.

However, his latest post on Instagram It consists of 247 weeks ago, when he had just released the title ‘Diabetes without problems’.

Writer Frank Suárez dies (IG)

Writer Frank Suárez dies (IG)

Writer Frank Suarez was known as the ‘weight loss guru’. The news of his death was confirmed by Lieutenant Ángel Martínez, director of the San Juan Homicide Division.

The authorities are surprised, because along with the death of Frank Suárez, three other cases of alleged suicide were recorded in less than 3 days.

The death of Frank Suárez has not been the only one that has surprised people.

After being in a coma for several days, the 39-year-old presenter Sebastián Morel-Ferreira died after he suffered a cardiac arrest, which caused his brain death, according to People en Español.

Relatives and close friends of the physical trainer, affirmed that his death was unexpected, due to the rapidity in which the events occurred, and mentioned that “his health was never bad.”

The presenter and coach lost his life last Thursday, February 18, after having remained in a coma for a few days, a situation that surprised his relatives, since they never imagined that this would happen.

Sebastián Morel-Ferreira brain death


“The cause of death left us in shock”

“The cause of death was something that shocked us all, he went into cardiac arrest exactly a week ago,” said his close friend Chris Molina.

“He is one of the few people that I can say and affirm, that he had a really healthy lifestyle one hundred percent, he did not have any complications before,” he added.

Carolina Trijos, who was a close friend and co-worker of Sebastián Morel at People VIP, said, “His departure hurts a lot, he was my brother. He always showed me an unconditional friendship ”.

“Starting from doing a personal training, from contributing, from developing a class, he created such a beautiful community and apart from a community, he created a family. From that, we shared much more and made contacts, friends, he was a brother who gave me life. He was and is part of my family ”, commented his friend Molina.

Sebastián Morel-Ferreira was of Paraguayan origin, he lived in New York, since 2008, where he began to carry out a series of projects both on television and in physical training, which helped him have a good relationship in the American Union , according to Heraldo de México.

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Sebastián Morel-Ferreira’s interest was to motivate people to keep their bodies healthy, and formed the group The pack outdoor, where people met to perform exercise routines with the Paraguayan, and in 2019 he became the father of his only son, Maximum.

Sebastián Morel-Ferreira brain death 2


Some of his co-workers dedicated a few words to him to say goodbye and remember him as the good person he was.

“Union, community, friendship and service, those are the things that will always live on as his legacy. I will always put together the name Sebastian with those words, I was always doing volunteer work. On birthdays, parties, Christmas, he united hundreds of people and in a group he welcomed everyone, ”said his partner Carolina Trijos.

He also added, “He was a person who was always motivating, who wanted the good for others. He always had something positive to tell you and he never expected anything in return. It leaves me wanting to live; to fight for him, I feel that he is going to remain as a little voice in my life, always speaking positive things to me ”

Chris Molina commented, “Sebastián was a magical person; with a light of its own that really enchanted everyone. No matter where he went, he stood out among everyone for his charisma and humility, I went to say goodbye to him for a reason of travel, not knowing that it was going to be the last time I was going to see him and hug him ”.

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