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Is US Border Patrol putting alligators in the Rio Grande to deter immigrants?

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  • Piolín warns immigrants of alligators in the Rio Grande.
  • Border Patrol captures a reptile in the waters that divide the United States and Mexico.
  • Warning on social media.

Border Patrol agents and the presenter of the radio program Piolín en la Mañana, alerted immigrants that there were alligators in the waters of the Rio Grande. It is rumored that they were placed in the area as a way to prevent undocumented immigrants from crossing into the United States, according to Proceso.

Although officials have not confirmed this, many people say that these reptiles were placed in the area to somehow prevent foreigners without papers from crossing the river to reach the United States from Mexico.


Rio Bravo Immigrant Tweety
instagram photo

Some media outlets have reported that it is not the only alligator in the area and that several have been placed there to keep immigrants from crossing. However, so far, this is only a rumor being circulated on social media.

The alligator that was seen measures just over two yards and in the most popular video on social networks it can be seen near a boat with Border Patrol agents on board. This is a warning to all undocumented immigrants who want to go to the United States, a theory that many expressed on Piolín.


Border Patrol Crocodile
instagram photo

Immediately people began to comment on the show’s Instagram post: “Those alligators were placed on purpose. What a coincidence that now there are giant alligators as they can not be seen very obviously killing people with bullets. It is a more intelligent method to fill an alligator farm so that they eat the people and wash their dirty hands like Pontius Pilate.”

One internet user added in his comment: “This world is full of macabre minds and with a lot of power. How sad but it’s real. May God watch over and protect all those people who come in search of their dreams and find themselves with their worst nightmares or facing death.” Filed Under: Tweety Rio Bravo Immigrants


Rio Bravo Immigrant Tweety
instagram photo

Still others commented: “Piolín you no longer know what to do to have views and your program has become monotonous and boring.” “I think that someone put them there out of spite, so that they cannot pass a barrier, someone is behind of all this,” said more people about this situation.

Some thought the image was fake: “It does not look like the Rio Bravo because if you were to focus on the banks where the migra were, you would see it, but that seems to be in another River, another place, but good at sometimes they do it so that people do not cross.” To see the video click here.


Border Patrol Crocodile
instagram photo

But more people were sure that it was a strategy to stop the migration: “They kicked them out so that no more people continue to cross.” “In Reynosa they caught a 7-foot-long, 400-pound fish.” “The migra released it on purpose.” “God protect all our brothers who try to cross.”

“Possibly they are putting those dangerous animals because they cannot stop people. Is sad.” “it is good that you report if there are alligators in the Rio Grande because they have to hide.” “Instead of giving good advice you start publishing terror while you are in your cabin laughing. You are looking for the people to take away your check.

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