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How to save money on groceries: 12 shopping hacks to cut your bill in half

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Grocery shopping represents one of the largest expenses in households around the world. In the United States, people spent almost $5,000 on groceries for the year in 2020. As it is a necessary expense, many families want to know how to save money on groceries. Here are 12 hacks that are sure to slash your food spending!

Always have a list on hand

Preparing a grocery list can take some time, but it is always an essential tool for sticking to your budget and choosing only the items you really need. If you have a list, it will also be easier to schedule a visit to the supermarket on the days where there are discounts or special promotions. This will help you save a significant amount of money.

Pay attention to which days things are on sale

How to save money on groceries

Schedule your grocery shopping to take advantage of the discounts on the items you need. In many stores there are special days when they offer discounts on meat, vegetables, fruits and other items. Taking advantage of the day’s discounts will make your money go farther and you can use the savings to spend a little more on other items that rarely go on sale.

How to save money on groceries? Be flexible

Having a list will give you a visual reference for what you need to buy to prepare your meals and feed your family, but this does not mean that you can’t choose your recipes based on your budget. For example, if you have put beef on your list, but find that chicken or pork is on sale, be flexible and change up your menu.

Pay with cash

How to save money on groceries

Do you want a super easy hack to stay on budget? Pay with cash! Go to the supermarket with a limited amount of money. This way, you won’t be able to spend more than you planned to. Paying in cash will help for you to make a more accurate calculation of the items you have in your cart, so you will avoid loading up on last minute impulse buys.

Buy in bulk

Buying items in bulk is always a good way to save money; If you have a large family or want to save in the long term, this option is a great way to make a little go a long way. Some supermarkets are geared toward wholesale purchases of essential items. Remember that many foods can be frozen to prevent them from being wasted.

Download discount and rewards apps


There are plenty of apps to access discounts and rewards in supermarkets. In addition, many can also help you plan a budget and find the best promotions. If you pay with a credit or debit card, don’t forget to check with your bank to verify the current promotions or special discounts for users, you could be in for a pleasant surprise!

Use coupons

Most supermarkets have online and physical circulars where you can find special prices and monthly promotions for groceries. Check supermarket websites to download coupons, print them, or request discounts when you’re at the store.

Go to the supermarket alone

Woman in a supermarket

Not all hacks for how to save money on groceries rely on technology. Sometimes it is a little simpler than that! If you can, go to the supermarket by yourself. Although this is not always possible, it’s a useful way to avoid unnecessary expenses when buying items that are not on your list or that are not essential.

Avoid the prepared food section

Grocery stores almost always have a prepared food section and, while it may sound tempting to buy them to save time, these are not usually a good option for large families on a budget. Ready-made meals are small and, although some are affordable, it’s always cheaper to cook at home.

Implement a meatless day


Have you heard of “Meatless Monday”? It doesn’t really have to be a specific day of the week, but skipping meat for one day a week is a super easy way to reduce your overall grocery shopping expenses. Planning a meatless day of recipes is healthy, it might help you lose weight, and it could save you a considerable amount of money each year. Give it a try!

Buy frozen fruits and vegetables

While it is true that prepared meals could add a significant amount to your shopping budget each month, it is also true that it never hurts to freeze fruits and vegetables to have on hand when you need them. An idea to save money in the short and long run is to buy produce on sale and freeze it until you need it.

Keep an inventory of the items you have at home

A person making a grocery list

Many times, we go to the supermarket with a vague idea of ​​the items that we already have at home which could lead to buying a lot of things we don’t need. Verify that all the items on your list have been fully used up or are about to expire. Your budget will thank you.

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