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How to remove pet hair from clothes: 9 tips that will save your washing machine

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It is common for pets to experience significant hair loss, which can cause your clothes, surfaces, and furniture to accumulate hair. Although the option of washing clothes is one of the most viable, you do not want your equipment to be damaged or reduce its useful life. For this reason, here we present nine tips that will save your washing machine. 

With a sponge

An economical and easy option to use at home are sponges for washing dishes. These can help remove cat and dog hair from surfaces, like sofas, chairs, and even beds. The only thing you have to do is ensure that the sponge is completely dry and that the movements you make on your furniture are delicate. If you want to moisten the sponge, you must first read the instructions for use and washing.

In the clothes dryer

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Before washing and placing your clothes in the dryer, remove excess pet hair and program a drying cycle at low or room temperature. Then use two dryer sheets and proceed to start the drying process. This works because dryer sheets reduce the static that builds up, which ultimately helps separate pet hair from clothes. Finally, when all the hair has been separated from the clothes, wash and dry your clothes as you normally do.

FurZapper to get rid of pet hair

There is a special product to remove pet hair from clothing. It’s called FurZapper. It consists of a silicone material specially designed to remove and contain hair when using the washing machine. This product cannot be used with fabric softeners or dryer sheets and costs approximately $25; a profitable investment, considering that its lifetime is approximately one year.

Wool dryer balls

Balls of wool so that clothes do not have hair
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Using wool dryer balls helps not only with removing pet hair but also with the ironing process. In addition, they decrease the time it takes for the clothes to be completely dry. Wool dryer balls are reusable and serve as an alternative to using sheets, which is great for people who are more sensitive to sheet odors.


One of the most effective and simple (as well as cheap) solutions to remove excess hair, both from clothes and surfaces, is to use a special roller for this task. The roller can be used at any time, but it is much more practical to use when planning to start a wash load, following the instructions above to avoid damage to your equipment.

Pet brush

A feline pet being groomed
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To remove hair from your surfaces and clothing, do not hesitate to use a special brush for pets. It’s a great alternative to rollers, dryer sheets, and balls of wool. The use of this type of brush will make the task of removing hair from cats and dogs easier since its design includes a special attachment to accumulate excess hair and make the cleaning task easier.

Latex gloves

Latex gloves is another option for pet owners who want to keep their homes free of hair. It is enough to pass the gloves over the clothes to remove the hair in an agile way. Latex is a material that helps separate hair from surfaces and fabric, and its use can be even more effective if you get into the habit of brushing pets at least once a day.


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The use of white vinegar to remove pet hair from clothes is one of the most effective and cheapest since it is enough to apply it to the clothes to help soften the fabric and make it free of hair. During the wash cycle add half a cup of white vinegar to your washing machine. If you have doubts about the smell, don’t worry too much as this will evaporate when it reaches the drying cycle.

Scotch tape

If you’re looking for a quick and effective solution, look no further as all you have to do is buy a piece of tape and place it on the surfaces you want to rid of pet hair. Before using adhesive tape just make sure that it is not for industrial use. Otherwise, you could cause serious damage to the fabric or wear out the materials on which you apply this technique.

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