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How much Tatiana charges for private appearances is revealed and fans criticize her

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  • How much Tatiana charges for private appearances.
  • People say that she charges too much.
  • What kind of party packages she offers.

Tatiana is trending these days and it’s not because of her role as host of  MasterChef Celebrity. Social media is outraged because of the exorbitant prices that the Reina de los Niños charges for private appearances.

Although it is not known where the leak came from, an image spread on Twitter detailing the alleged high prices charged by the Reina de los Niños. After finding out the figure, many fans were outraged and even say that she charges too much.

How much Tatiana charges for private appearances is revealed

How much Tatiana's presentations cost is filtered
PHOTO: Capture Twitter

Tatiana has been popular with children for two decades. Her charisma and talent have made her an icon of children’s television in Mexico, Latin America and the rest of the world where she also has a presence.

The performer of memorable children’s songs such as Los Marcianos Ya, El patio de mi casa and one of her most recent hits, No me quiero bañar, has been evolving with new generations of children and continues to remain in the hearts of those who grew up with her music.

Criticism rains down on La Reina de los Niños

Criticism rains down on "the queen of children"
PHOTO: Capture Twitter

However, the recent leak of the cost of her private shows did not please her fans on social media because basically they thought it was too much. People start saying that the prices that Tatiana charges for a private show or children’s party is extreme.

According to the viral image, there are three packages offered for children’s parties and the cost increases depending on the duration, songs and Tatiana’s participation. It should be noted that the prices that are current, as they appear with the title: «Children’s parties 2022».

How much does Tatiana charge to go to a children’s party?

How much does Tatiana charge to go to a children's party?
PHOTO: Capture Twitter

The first package called «Presencial» costs $2000. It includes: Tatiana singing the Mañanitas and two more songs (does not include botargas or dancers) and concludes with accompanying the cake. All this with a duration of 30 minutes.

The second package named «Mini Show» lasts 45 minutes, and includes: Tatiana singing four songs and the Mañanitas with dancers (botarga, depending on the song) and helping to present the birthday cake. This costs $4,515.

“No parent could afford that.»

"No father could afford that"
PHOTO: Capture Twitter

Finally, the «Show Completo» package includes: Tatiana’s complete show with dancers and botargas, the Mañanitas and cutting the cake. It lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes and costs $10,033.

After discovering the prices, people on social media didn’t hold back: “200 thousand pesos! We don’t have that much money Tatiana in fact, no parent could pay for that.” “Who the hell is going to pay for that, besides, today’s children don’t even know who it is Tatiana.” “I don’t know whether to buy a car or hire Tatiana to sing for me in the Mañanitas.” and “Los Ángeles Azules is cheaper and they put more atmosphere,” to name a few. So far she or her team have not spoken out to deny or confirm this information.

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