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How did Ana Dalay die?

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how Ana Dalay died, daughter Gloria Trevi, daughter Sergio Andrade, parents / cómo murió Ana Dalay, hija Gloria Trevi, hija Sergio Andrade, papás, MundoNOW
How Ana Dalay died / PHOTO: Shutterstock
  • How Ana Dalay died.
  • Mary Boquitas’ revealing story.
  • The impact on Gloria Trevi.

On her podcast En Boca Cerrada, Raquenel Portillo, better known as Mary Boquitas, shares a revealing story.

In the episode titled ‘Two Escape Attempts and an Unexpected Death’, she describes the last moments of Ana Dalay’s life.

More than 20 years after this tragedy, it’s said that Gloria Trevi’s daughter died from crib death or sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) at just over two months old.

However, it’s only now that Mary has mustered the courage to recount how she experienced that sad and tragic incident.

The unexpected death of a little angel

Gloria Trevi, singer, composer, music, MundoNOW
How Ana Dalay died / PHOTO: Mezcalent

After describing Ana Dalay’s strange baptism ceremony conducted by Sergio Andrade, Mary Boquitas delves into the details.

It was November 13, 1999: «Sergio had me occupied, rehearsing two or three more songs for my repertoire with the guitar.»

Andrade said he had arranged Mary’s debut with the manager of a hotel in Brazil. It was to take place on New Year’s Eve and would enable them to earn some much-needed money.

«Then Sergio summoned us all, we prepared the babies, and we headed to his apartment,» said the singer without suspecting what would happen next.

It was like a movie ‘in slow motion’

how Ana Dalay died, podcast, En Boca Cerrada, Mary Boquitas, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Upon arriving at the apartment, Andrade immediately instructed Mary to run various errands. When she got back, tragedy struck like a movie in ‘slow motion’.

«The apartment has two rooms. In one, they lay the babies down during the day in two large beds. They used to place them in the middle.»

Raquenel recalls that Ana Dalay was taking a nap in that bedroom. She believes she was with Valentina, Milton and Antonia.

«I remember we were all in the living room with Sergio and Gloria. He started an argument with Karla, who was sitting on the floor in front of him,» Mary said.

How Ana Dalay died: Could it have been prevented?

Sergio Andrade, producer, composer, representative, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Mezcalent

At that moment, Gloria Trevi asked Sergio Andrade for permission to see Ana Dalay. He continued scolding Karla and told her to wait.

«Gloria becomes increasingly nervous, as if her mother’s intuition is alerting her to something,» Mary Boquitas recalled.

Minutes later, Sergio, very angry, interrupted his ‘endless speech’ and told Katia to go get Ana Dalay.

«Katia gets up, goes to the room, takes a little time, comes back, and stands frozen in the middle of the room. I will never forget that scene.»

The tragedy is confirmed

how Ana Dalay, Katia, Karla, sisters of La Cuesta died, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Next, Mary says that Katia was carrying little Ana Dalay wrapped in a blanket, and Sergio scolded her for her expression.

As if he had a premonition of what had happened, Andrade told her that it seemed like she was carrying a corpse. He used to make comments like this.

«Katia couldn’t say anything coherent and uncovered Ana Dalay’s face, and we saw the most terrible image in the world.»

The former backup singer for Gloria Trevi remembers that the baby’s little head was in a position that left no room for doubt that the baby was dead.

Gloria Trevi ‘lost her mind’

singer, Mexico, Monterrey, daughter, MundoNOW
How Ana Dalay died / PHOTO: Mezcalent

For obvious reasons, Gloria Trevi started screaming in a heart-wrenching way, and before reaching Katia, she collapsed on the floor.

«Without strength, without breath, and I feel like I’m going with her. Several of the girls rush to pick up Gloria to prevent her from getting hurt or doing something crazy,» Mary says.

Raquenel said that this was the longest night of her life and that of all the others. For the first time, she saw Sergio Andrade trembling and unnerved.

«For the first time, I see him defeated, looking at his dead daughter,» she concluded.

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