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La Huella OVNI: What is the Hollow Earth?

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  • The story of hollow earth comes to La Huella OVNI.
  • Jorge Luis Sucksdorf talks about the tales and ideas about these beings.
  • They also seem to have influenced books.

Jorge Luis Sucksdorf will go into the talk on a topic that has interested people throughout history: the hollow earth.

With his excitement, Jorge Luis Sucksdorf went on a trip through stories, beliefs, and books to find the sign of these hidden beings that live beneath the ground.

People have thought about inner earth beings, taking us into a world of guesses and interest since a long time ago.

With this in mind, Jorge Luis starts to explain the details.

The Home of the Inner Earth Beings

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Jorge began with hollow earth places and mentioned Erks and the City of the Caesars as examples of places thought to be under the ground.

These famous cities, covered in wonder and magic, have caught people’s attention for years. But, as Jorge said, the idea of inner earth beings is more than these stories.

The speaker told us about the Dulce Base in the United States, where there was maybe a fight with beings living below.

But, Jorge moved us back in history, telling us that the idea of inner earth beings is linked to faiths everywhere.

The Tale of the Inner Earth

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Many faiths have a place below the ground.

These underground places often have beings that cause fear and honor, thought to control this hidden place.

From Hades in Greek tales to Xibalba in Mayan tales, and hell in Christian belief, these underground beings have been a big part of people’s views for a long time.

Sucksdorf also mentioned the annunakis, beings who, some people say, came from Nibiru and lived inside the Earth.

Books about Hollow Earth

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This idea, though different, shows how inner earth beings mix with people’s growth.

The speaker said that this idea of underground beings is in books and movies.

He said Lovecraft, Tolkien, Edgar Allan Poe, and Jules Verne, who all wrote about an underground world with hidden beings.

These famous writers have sparked our thoughts on this mystery.

Ending Ideas

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Through his interesting trip, Jorge Luis Sucksdorf said that inner earth beings are a big part of people’s shared stories.

These tales make us think if there might be more below than we know.

In the end, thinking about inner earth beings makes us think more and ask more.

Inner earth beings in books and culture keep interesting people who want to know more about our world.

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