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Gwinnett County Public Schools Introduce Parent Information Portal

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  • Gwinnett County Public Schools Introduce Parent Information Portal
  • With this tool parents can check their children’s grades and assignments
  • The aim of the Gwinnett Public Schools is for all parents to be involved with their children’s education

The Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) introduced the information portal for parents with a new look and improved functionality so that they can get involved with their children’s curricular activities, their grades and any type of information related to their studies.

According to Nury Castillo Crawford, Director of the Division of Operations and School Improvement GCPS Office of Academic Support, the intention of the Portal is for parents to become involved in the academic education of their children.

More than 200 people involved in the project

Image: Youtube GCPS

«In updating this portal we were working more than 200 people two weeks before presenting it virtually to parents, we even made some gifts of cups with the achievement of the program with hot chocolate, some books, and parents who could not collect, we had three volunteers who went to their homes to deliver them and so they participate, ”said Castillo Crawford.

In the portal, parents have the option of choosing the language in which they wish to see the information of interest to them at the beginning of the portal. A step-by-step explanatory video of these new updates can be viewed by interested parents on the GCPS YouTube channel.

Parent Portal: Features

parent information portal
Image: Youtube GCPS

Also, on the portal, parents of Gwinnett Public Schools students can track their children’s assignments and guide and / or help them complete them. This undoubtedly helps parents to be more involved in their children’s progress.

Parents often do not have enough time to go to classrooms to follow up on their children, however, thanks to the parent portal tool, tutors can follow up on their children just by accessing it and viewing in detail of each subject the child’s day to day.

Update student data in the portal

parent information portal
Image: Youtube GCPS

In the Parent Portal, each subject has the breakdown of the instructions of each teacher, any information or attached documentation that serves as support for the student. Parents can also update any information such as phone number, emergency contact, any medical condition, among other important information related to the student.

Through this portal, parents can work hand in hand with the faculty of the Gwinnett County Public Schools and ensure the development of their children, which as parents is one of the tasks that they have to assume for them.

English classes for parents

Image: Instagram Nury Castillo

According to Nury Castillo Crawford, the GCPS made a partnership with Georgia State University to offer free English classes to parents, based on their needs to help the community, since to help students they must also collaborate with parents .

Sometimes parents want to get involved but are afraid or ashamed of the language, some do not know the language, others feel sorry to be judged for their pronunciation, which is one of the great fears that Hispanics have when they arrive in the United States. United and for one reason or another do not speak English. Filed Under: Parent Information Portal.

About Nury Castillo Crawford

Image: Twitter Nury Castillo

Nury Castillo Crawford is the author of several bilingual books and has stood out in the community for her contributions in the area of ​​education from her position in Gwinnett County Public Schools. In 2019 how I launched the mentoring program for Hispanic children. During the time of the year 2016 I began to hear quite a few conversations, news on the radio on television telling not only me but the world in this country what an immigrant was.

She was recently awarded a MundoHispanico Awards in the Education line for helping and empowering Hispanics through education and reading. She is an excellent motivator for children and provides much needed support for children who are early learners. She works diligently to be a bridge between schools and families. Filed Under: Parent Information Portal

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