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Gustavo Soto, alleged ‘Jaguar’ in the Debanhi Escobar case, tells the whole truth (VIDEO)

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  • Gustavo Soto admitted to being the half brother of the owner of Alcosa.
  • He tells the truth about the company.
  • He explains why they connected him to Debanhi Escobar’s case.

Gustavo Soto, the alleged ‘Jaguar’ in the Debanhi Escobar case tells the whole truth. In an interview posted on YouTube on the Chicago Live Multimedia channel, Soto, who is currently residing in the United States, gave details of how he was connected to the disappearance and death of Debanhi Escobar.

The man who was identified as the ‘Jaguar’ in the case of the missing Mexican girl said that his half brother owns the Alcosa international transport company, located a few yards from where the taxi driver left Debanhi and where she was seen in security footage.

Soto tells the truth about the company where Debanhi was last seen

Tells the truth about the company where Debanhi was last seen

«I am not the owner of that company,» said Gustavo Soto, who clarified that two years ago he visited the company but never entered the complex. However, he claimed that when people began to attack the company for its involvement in the case, he was also named and became involved in a «cyber lawsuit.»

«They wanted a culprit and that’s where they got interested in me,» said the American actor. Soto insisted that he does not know Debanhi Escobar’s friends. Supposed leaked conversations showed that there was a relationship between the group of friends and the alleged ‘Jaguar’.

The alleged ‘Jaguar’ files a complaint for online threats

The alleged 'Jaguar' files a complaint for threats

Soto also said that he filed his first complaint for threats he has received since he was linked to the case of the woman who went missing in Monterrey. «I want them to stop threatening my family,» he said. He also said that his wife has received death threats.

In addition, he said that the alleged leaked conversation is false. Gustavo Soto, the so-called ‘Jaguar’, stated in an interview that it is defamation and ‘attributed’ the confusion to a group that spread his image. “The so-called ‘Jaguar’ does not exist… the police are not looking for me,” he said.

Gustavo Soto’s secret comes to light

Gustavo Soto's secret comes to light

On the other hand, he said that he has a police ‘bacha’ and other weapons as part of his job, which consists of recording music videos and movies. He also claimed to be a professional poker player. «I would be incapable of harming a woman or any human being… I just want the truth to come out,» he said.

“I am going to ask the United States government…because I am an American citizen…to let me bring my wife as a political refugee because of the threats we receive…if I were guilty…I would not be looking to the United States government,” said Gustavo Soto. Filed Under: Gustavo Soto Debanhi Interview

«When I defended my half brother I was involved in a lawsuit on social networks»

"When I defended the blood I was involved in a social media lawsuit"

«This has to stop… This is already affecting a lot of people,» said the alleged ‘Jaguar’. He spoke about how his life has been affected by the Debanhi Escobar case. “They destroyed my life,” he declared. He also said a friend of his lost his job over a video where they appeared together.

«When I defended my half-brother I was involved in a lawsuit on social networks,» he said when talking about his half-brother, owner of Alcosa. «Understand that the ‘Jaguar’ doesn’t exist… nobody is going to tell you who it is because he doesn’t exist… they made him up,» he said, obviously annoyed. Filed Under: Gustavo Soto Debanhi Interview

Soto sends a message to Debanhi’s parents

Send a message to Debanhi's parents

«Enough of so much defamation,» said Gustavo Soto, referring to his friend who has been involved in the case for his «Matador» brand. «He is a good person.» «Here I am showing my face… now they are going to say that I want to become famous… I was already famous,» he stated.

«I had my career before this… I’m not looking for fame,» said Gustavo Soto. By the end of the interview, the supposed «Jaguar» sent a message of peace to the family, asked for the case to be clarified and said that he would agree to speak with Debanhi Escobar’s family. TO SEE THE VIDEO GIVE CLICK HERE. Filed Under: Gustavo Soto Debanhi Interview

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