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Gustavo Rivera, Jenni Rivera’s brother, suffers a terrible accident (PHOTO)

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  • Shocking news is released on social networks
  • Singer Gustavo Rivera suffers a terrible accident
  • They ask for prayers for Jenni Rivera’s brother

The tragedy does not leave the Rivera Family alone. Through social networks, it was announced that the singer Gustavo Rivera, Jenni Rivera’s brother, suffered a terrible accident.

It should be remembered that next December 9 will be the eighth anniversary of the tragic death of Jenni Rivera, so now that the accident of her brother, Gustavo Rivera, has been reported, one begins to wonder if the tragedy haunts this family.

Gustavo Rivera, Jenni Rivera's brother, suffers a terrible accident

PHOTO Instagram Gustavo Rivera

Through the official account of Instagram of the singer, the following information was shared: “On behalf of Gustavo Rivera’s team, we sadly inform you that Gustavo was the victim of a car accident.”

In this same publication, it was clarified that Jenni Rivera’s brother “thank God he is alive”, but they ask for prayers for his speedy recovery: “We will keep you updated on the state of Health of our dear Gustavo Rivera ”.

So far, only his niece Jacqie Rivera reacted to this news, but neither Lupillo, Rosie or Chiquis Rivera, have spoken on their respective social networks.

Admirers of the singer were shocked to learn that Gustavo Rivera had suffered a terrible accident: “Please tell us that he is fine”, “Praying for Gus and his family”, “I hope he recovers soon, God bless him”, “That everything be well, first God, blessings ”.

On the other hand, an Internet user drew attention with her message: “You are close to facing divine justice and we hope that in it you will face Jenni Rivera.”

And who has not commented on this news either, is Pedro Rivera, the singer’s father, and one user expressed herself like this: “Why hasn’t Don Pedro said anything?”

On the next page, we share the most recent photograph shared by Jenni Rivera’s brother, who did not imagine what would happen days later.

“Happy Friday”

About to reach 80,000 followers on his official Instagram account, Gustavo Rivera has shared 951 posts to date.

Before it became known that he had suffered a terrible accident, Jenni Rivera’s brother had posted the following: “Happy Friday FB World, I want to congratulate Don Mario and his people from Willow Market and Redwood City California Butcher Shop for being the first to have Jenni Rivera Tequila ”.

The singer made the invitation to be accompanied there, without imagining what destiny would have in store for him later on.

Gustavo Rivera, Jenni Rivera's brother, suffers a terrible accident

PHOTO Instagram Gustavo Rivera

He emphasizes that several members of his family reacted to this publication, including his mother, Rosa Rivera, as well as his nephews: Chiquis, Johnny, Michael and Jacqie Rivera.

The singer also asked his fans to contact a telephone number for information on where to get the new Christmas set.

An affair? A photo of Jenni Rivera ‘very affectionate’ with El Buki resurfaces (PHOTO)

A few weeks after her eighth mourning anniversary, a photo of Jenni Rivera resurfaces, very close to Marco Antonio Solís El Buki and many wonder if there was something else between the two.

With more than 13 thousand likes to date, among them the Mexican singer Ana Bárbara, the Venezuelan model and actress Alicia Machado, the businesswoman Rosie Rivera and Johnny Rivera, sister and son of Jenni Rivera, respectively, this publication is available on the social networks of “La Diva de la Banda”.

Holding hands, and smiling at the camera, both Jenni Rivera and El Buki look happy and with their faces very close. Will Cristian Salas, the singer’s wife, know about the existence of this photo?

“Jenni Rivera was a fan of the music of Marco Antonio Solís (El Buki), she even called him ‘El Rey’ on several occasions because of the admiration she felt,” can be read in this publication.

Gustavo Rivera, Jenni Rivera's brother, suffers a terrible accident

PHOTO Instagram Jenni Rivera

And when no one expected it, a confession from Marco Antonio Solís was also shared: “Only with her (Jenni Rivera) it happened to me. She bought her ticket in the front row and went to see me at concerts in Los Angeles. How can I not love her? Eternally loved and remembered ”.

It didn’t take long for fans of both artists to express their views:

“Diva and Reyna, forever my Jenni”, “Well, Jenni, rest in peace. Marco Antonio, my idol since I was a teenager ”,“ She will always be the Diva of the Band ”,“ How beautiful ”,“ How I love and miss her ”,“ My two idols ”,“ The best ”,“ Beautiful! Two bigs”.

Upon seeing this image, a user made the following statement that raises suspicions of what may have happened: “And what a beautiful couple they did.”

Do you think that between Jenni Rivera and Marco Antonio Solís El Buki there was something else?

Jenni Rivera’s video resurfaces where she confesses that she and Chiquis Rivera had the worst (VIDEO)

Developer. Video of the late singer Jenni Rivera resurfaces where she confesses that she and her daughter, Chiquis Rivera, had the worst.

Through her official Instagram account, which is still active despite her tragic death, you can see this publication by Jenni Rivera that is about to reach 80 thousand views.

“When we were going through those difficult times, she (Chiquis Rivera) experienced many very strong things with me, and I said: ‘My God, but why, why do we experience such difficult things? Because God was preparing us to fight, to work, to make an effort, to know that if we are going to fall, we are going to get up ”.

Jenni Rivera confessed in this video that it was difficult for both her and Chiquis Rivera, but it was worth it.

Gustavo Rivera, Jenni Rivera's brother, suffers a terrible accident

PHOTO Instagram Jenni Rivera

Because she (Chiquis Rivera) can say: ‘together we teach each other to work and be strong and wipe our tears and shake ourselves when we shut up and stand here.’

The businesswoman Rosie Rivera and Johnny Rivera, Jenni Rivera’s son, reacted to this publication addressed to the fans of “La Diva de la Banda”, who, almost 8 years after her tragic death, continue to share her legacy.

It didn’t take long for the followers of this page to react to this revealing video: “Nobody like you, but not your daughter, not even your heels”, “Unforgettable”, “May God bless and protect you always”, ” Knowing your story, Jenni, has changed my life. ”


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