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Terrifying video shows mass execution of the Guerreros Unidos Cartel (VIDEO)

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  • Terrifying video shows mass execution of the Guerreros Unidos Cartel.
  • Mexican cartel appears on its knees before opponents.
  • «Here are all those who extorted and killed innocent people and women.»

Members of the United Warriors Cartel are executed. A terrifying video appeared this Wednesday on social networks where members of a Mexican cartel appear on their knees and being humiliated by the rival group. Those responsible for sharing the recording humiliate their opponents for a few minutes before executing them.

On the ground, kneeling, aligned and always being pointed at by a firearm, the members of the criminal group La Bandera appeared, who are part of the Guerreros Unidos cartel. About 20 people were executed by their rivals after being humiliated in the middle of the broadcast, according to the New York Post.

Terrifying video of execution of Mexican Cartel

United Warriors Cartel Executed

Those responsible for this massacre were the criminals themselves identified as members of the criminal group Los Tlacos, formed by former members of the General Heliodoro Castillo Community Police. In the recording you can see how they are pointing one by one to ask their name.

During the broadcast, the criminals who have their rivals on their knees call themselves “people from the mountains”, who with an edited voice send a message to the bosses of these subjects who were about to be assassinated. It should be mentioned that the Guerreros Unidos cartel are the main suspects in the disappearance of the 43 students from Ayotzinapa, according to El País.

The Guerreros Unidos Cartel is executed: «This square already has an owner»

The Guerreros Unidos Cartel is executed:

The man who speaks during the video approaches the criminals and lets them know that «This square already has an owner.» According to the words of the person responsible for the execution, he mentions that the subjects worked for Chucho Brito, whom they consider a traitor.

“People of Iguala, here are all those who extorted money and were killing innocent people and women, the garbage that terrorized this beautiful city. We told them and the moment arrived: this square already has an owner, everyone from La Bandera hung up their canvas and see where it is, ”said the criminal.

The Guerreros Unidos Cartel is executed: They accuse the mayor of the state

The Guerreros Unidos Cartel is executed: They accuse the mayor of the state

In the recording, a masked man can be seen mocking the condemned subjects, who are handcuffed behind the back. He violently grabs their hair and points a gun at their faces while questioning them, asking for their names and other information. Surrounding the men are other armed henchmen of Los Tlacos.

The narrator accuses the incoming mayor of Iguala of having connections to Guerreros Unidos, a cartel believed to be linked to the 2014 kidnapping of the Ayotzinapa Rural Normal School. Hours before the video, the gang members left four bodies in front of the home of mayor-elect David Gama. TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE .

The Guerreros Unidos Cartel is executed: The death of the head of La Bandera Cartel

The Guerreros Unidos Cartel is executed: The death of the head of La Bandera Cartel

It should be remembered that last August, Moisés Brito Bautista, el Bandam, head of the La Bandera faction, was assassinated. The leader of the criminal gang was led into a trap. The Bandam arrived at a shopping center accompanied by a woman to close a deal to send the drugs, according to Infobae.

The events occurred in Cuernavaca, Morelos, when Brito Bautista went to meet another subject who was escorted by two armed men. Suddenly this subject opened fire on the head of the La Bandera cartel, who could not survive the shots received.

The Guerreros Unidos Cartel is executed: It had information about the disappeared normalistas

The Guerreros Unidos Cartel is executed: It had information about the disappeared normalistas

The drug trafficker Moisés Brito Bautista was assassinated at the age of 33, it is worth mentioning that he had great power in his hands, which they say he did not know how to manage, since his life was entirely of parties, and luxuries that few indulge in. to show off.

In addition to showing off his designer clothes, his luxurious cars, daily trips and his gold-plated weapons, the Bandam had valuable information related to the disappearance of the normalistas in Ayotzinapa, Mexico, so that with his death you will never know what he was hiding .

Criminal confrontation

Drug trafficking in Mexico
Photo: Shutterstock

The Efe news agency mentioned that an apparent clash between drug cartels left nine dead in the Mexican municipality of Miguel Alemán, in the northeastern state of Tamaulipas, sources close to security forces informed Efe on Tuesday.

At least nine lifeless bodies with bullet wounds were left lying on the road that connects this border municipality with the United States with Monterrey, in the northern state of Nuevo León. This type of situation has become common in the area, where clashes have been the ‘order of the day’.

The reports indicate

Criminal confrontation
Photo: Twitter

The danger faced by the inhabitants has become something common in the area, where reports are constantly being registered by the community about a shooting or problem that arises with the different groups of cartels that want control total of the place.

In this case, from Monday night and early Tuesday morning, the citizens of the Los Guerra town, belonging to Miguel Alemán, reported loud noises. The Mexican army came and later the National Guard arrived to control the situation that was happening. Filed Under: United Warriors Cartel Executed


organized crime new confrontation: the cartels
Photo: Getty Images

This is due to the confrontation with large-caliber weapons between alleged members of the Northeast Cartel and the Gulf Cartel, who dispute the control of the transfer of drugs, migrants and contraband in this area, are the reasons why every day they end up murdering and no matter who crosses your path.

In recent months, the Gulf Cartel is the one who has been gaining more territory, which has increased a wave of violence and deaths that have made the state of Tamaulipas a place that cannot be accessed quietly and is considered one of the places. most dangerous in Mexico. Filed Under: United Warriors Cartel Executed

The evidence

Tamaulipas on the surface
Photo: Getty Images

This confrontation brought with it the death of nine people, in addition to several injured, for which an investigation has been initiated to be able to find out more details about both cartels that faced each other and of course, to find those responsible for each criminal organ.

Among the details that came to light about this confrontation, it was announced about the bodies of the deceased, which until now is unknown to which cartel they belong, they were left lying on the road section, according to harsh images disseminated on social networks, where it is appreciated they are dressed in black. Filed Under: United Warriors Cartel Executed. TO SEE VIDEO CLICK HERE

The desired territory

New organized crime confrontation: The scene
Photo: Twitter

Since 2010, Miguel Alemán has been the subject of a dispute between the two cartels, with the Northeast one that is gradually gaining ground and it is estimated that he already controls the municipalities of Nuevo Laredo, Nueva Ciudad Guerrero and Mier. With each passing day, these places are the site of clashes, resulting in the death of their opponents.

Since last year there have been clashes in that municipality between both cartels, each month the lists of deaths have increased in the area and the inhabitants no longer feel safe living in the place, so there is a slow migration of people who want to escape the place. Filed Under: United Warriors Cartel Executed

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