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German influencer Shani Louk identified as woman murdered by Hamas and paraded through the streets (VIDEO)

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German, influencer, murdered, Shani Louk, Israel
German influencer Shani Louk in Israel (Photo: Shutterstock/Getty Images)
  • Shani Louk was allegedly murdered by Hamas.
  • The German influencer’s naked body was paraded through the streets.
  • Terrible images are leaked online.

In the midst of the maelstrom of a conflict that seems to know no limits, a shocking tragedy has shocked the world.

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Shani Louk, a German influencer who was only 30 years old, tragically lost her life at the epicenter of a bloody fight between Israel and Gaza.

The young woman, who had traveled to Israel to attend a music festival for peace, became collateral damage amid the violence that broke out on Saturday.

On Saturday morning, the region witnessed a hail of more than 2,200 rockets launched from Gaza into Israel, the AP reported.

Meanwhile, Hamas militants infiltrated Israel, further exacerbating the situation.

Influencer Shani Louk was allegedly murdered by Hamas

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

Social media was flooded with shocking videos showing the armed confrontation in all its horror, from missiles to people dying.

Among the victims of this bloody conflict, Shani Louk stood out for a particularly macabre reason — she was murdered and her body was displayed as a war trophy.

Shani Louk’s name has resonated around the world after her tragic death in Israel.

The young German tattoo artist with an adventurous spirit decided to take a trip to Israel to attend a music festival for peace that was held near the border with Gaza.

The influencer’s naked body was paraded through the streets

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However, her dream turned into a nightmare when she was murdered and used as macabre war propaganda by Hamas.

In one of the videos you can see several men displaying Shani Louk’s body as if it were a war trophy in the bed of a truck.

Her relatives identified her by her characteristic tattoos and her distinctive hairstyle.

In another heartbreaking video, the mother of the young German woman is seen pleading for her daughter’s life and demanding her return.

Terrible images of the incident are leaked

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It was reported at that time that she was not aware of the terrible images of her daughter’s body that had already spread on social media.

Tom Weintraub Louk, Shani’s cousin, provided details about Shani’s last moments to the Washington Post.

He said she was at a party near Kibbutz Urim when Hamas militants broke into the place on Saturday.

Louk had attended the Nova Festival, an event that promoted music as a vehicle for peace in the midst of the conflict.

Influencer Shani Louk’s relatives have identified her

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

Shani’s family eventually identified her from one of the videos because of her tattoos and her distinctive long dreadlocks, according to AS.

Shani shared happy moments with her friends on social media just days before the tragedy, leaving indelible memories in the minds of her followers.

Her 9,000 Instagram followers along with her friends and family are devastated by what happened to her.

Shani Louk’s story serves as a sad reminder of the brutality of war. SEE SENSITIVE IMAGES HERE.

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