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Galilea Montijo breaks her silence about the compromising photos with her new man (VIDEO)

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Galilea Montijo novio lencería
  • Galilea Montijo breaks her silence about her new man.
  • Compromising photos of the couple at the beach were leaked.
  • The Hoy host admits the unthinkable.

Galilea Montijo and her alleged boyfriend have been a topic of conversation in recent days since the Hoy host was caught red-handed at the beach. This is why she can no longer deny that, weeks after announcing her split from ex-husband Fernando Reina, she has already started a new relationship.

However, she has tried to be very cautious with her statements because she has always said that what matters most to her is what her son thinks. However, following the leak of photos where she looks very cozy at the beach with Spanish model Isaac Moreno, she had no choice but to break her silence.

Photos of Galilea Montijo with her boyfriend

Galilea Montijo boyfriend

The photos show the Hoy host looking fantastic in a red bikini, walking on the beach hand in hand with Spanish model Isaac Moreno who was wearing a speedo.

One of the most controversial photos showed the host kneeling in front of her new boyfriend. As a result, she had no choice but to address the rumors.

Is the Hoy host surprised?

The driver reacts

Apparently, the photos of Galilea Montijo with Isaac Moreno were taken this weekend while she was attending a wedding on the beach and a paparazzo caught them. Accompanied by Andrea Legarreta, Tania Rincón and the male hosts, Galilea Montejo very discreetly said:

«Why are they gossiping, what did they say about my boyfriend? What… is he going to the Cannes festival, whose? Johnny Depp’s, who looked for minnows? I was looking for a little shell, bud.»

Galilea Montijo is focused on her son

Galilea Montijo boyfriend breaks the silence

Galilea Montijo treated the whole thing as a joke: «Oh, how awful, I got divorced,» she said while everyone laughed and said, «Do what you want as long as you’re happy.» She replied, «Did they sign the memo?… The only thing I’m interested in is my little boy.»

Lo Más Viral tweeted the short video of what the brunette said and people immediately commented: «Thank God the lady is very decent!» «What a horrible look.» «She has always been like that.» «What a good way to handle gossip.» «Between joke and joke.»

Who is the host’s new boyfriend?

The brunette takes it with humor

Chicapicosa shared the photographs of Galilea Montijo with her alleged boyfriend on Instagram, stating: «Galilea Montijo has a new boyfriend. And he is Isaac Moreno, a Spanish model and influencer a bit younger than her, who has lived in Mexico for some time, has a son and is also separated from another woman. Apparently, they have known each other for a year. The hairdresser and friend of presenter Bernardo Javier introduced them. They traveled together to the Mérida Festival and also to the Latinamas Awards in Miami. We also saw them walking through Mexico City and they appeared quite in love a few days ago, on the birthday of Galilea Montijo’s compadre, Alfonso Waithsman, in Quintana Roo.»

She added: «The actress born in Guadalajara could be seen on several occasions looking close to the Spanish influencer. Although her publicist, Danna Vázquez, denied the rumors: «She has been divorced for months and you will surely see her with many people.» Various sources state that the presenter is trying to get the Spanish model to join some Televisa projects and stay in Mexico,» she concluded.

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