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The hottest photos of Aracely Arámbula in a bikini (PHOTOS)

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  • Aracely Arámbula leaves us breathless when we see her hottest photos in a bikini
  • The Mexican actress is one of the most talented celebrities in all of Mexico
  • At 46 years old, she owns an enviable fitness body

Aracely Arámbula bikini. Mexican television has been characterized by bringing out great artists with immense talent and one of those actresses Who rose to fame thanks to her performances in soap operas was Aracely Arámbula, who is a renowned artist and maintained a relationship with the singer Luis Miguel.

The also known as’ La Chule‘has captivated the world of social media, since he constantly shares images or recordings where he shows off his firm and toned body to all Internet users. Therefore, below we share the sexiest snapshots of Aracely wearing daring bikinis.

Aracely Arámbula shows off her fitness body in a bikini

ex-wife Luis Miguel Aracely Arámbula bikini

In mid-2020, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, ‘La Chule’ shared a video where he boasts his toned body, in a two-piece swimsuit in black with bright oranges, where he clarifies that he will return with life fitness that has characterized her throughout her life.

“Getting ready to be fit again, in these difficult times that often do not make you want to exercise there is always a day when it is worth retiring and another to start over, what should never end is good energy for pursuing our goals” he wrote in his post.

‘La Chule’, lover of low-cut swimsuits

ex wife Luis Miguel Aracely Arámbula bikini 2
PHOTO Instagram

Constantly on her official Instagram account, Aracely Arámbula uploads photographs or videos of herself to the web, wearing bikinis or swimsuits that are very low-cut in order to show her great “breasts”, which has caused the lust of hundreds of followers.

In this post, you can see the actress posing in a pool with a multi-colored swimsuit, with an impact neckline down to the navel; Aracely is also sporting a huge beach hat, as she wishes her fans a happy Sunday.

Aracely Arámbula with her hands to heaven

ex wife Luis Miguel Aracely Arámbula bikini 3
PHOTO Instagram

In another image shared on her social network, as a lover of the sexy, daring and especially tiny bikinis, the Mexican artist appears with her hands to heaven thanking life for another day of life: “Have a good Saturday and a good weekend ”, he put in his photo.

With or without clothes she is a very beautiful lady, my most sincere greetings and a cordial hug ”,“ what Luis Miguel missed, Mamacita! ”,“ She still has a couple of cul … very good for the cul… ”,“ what a nice bikini you have ”, were some of the comments made by Internet users.

Luis Miguel’s ex-wife in a lemon green bikini

ex wife Luis Miguel Aracely Arámbula bikini 3
PHOTO Instagram
“It’s Friday!!!! And #Miarafamiliabella knows it today September 11 is a very special day #Musica already listening on the radio my very good #malasnoticiasaracelyarambula a song that I record with all my love and with an open heart I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and sing it and let us enjoy it and we can dedicate it to all those loves that have left the tailor-made jacket ”.
“Thanks to all the radio stations that are already playing my # bad news saracelyarambula #quevivalamusica #vivamexico and the world and all my beloved #Arafamilia #THANK YOU therefore for being my enormous motivation in these difficult times for so many people blessings and #infinitasalud for all #THANK YOU for filling me with messages I always have them present in my heart #Thank you with ALL my LOVE “

Aracely Arámbula captive in red lingerie

ex-wife Luis Miguel Aracely Arámbula bikini 4

What was missing, although La Chule had already enchanted us with his images where he appears showing off his figure in sexy bikinis, now he surprises us by appearing in red lingerie, which is undoubtedly one of the publications that most drove his followers crazy, since the shower of compliments were present.

# Thank you all for being part of this story that I love so much # LaDoña2 #AltagraciaSandoval a character dedicated with a lot of heart to you always THANK YOU “, wrote Aracely in the image where she is shown in a passion red panties and bra, and indeed I am passionate about everybody.

The Mexican wishes you happy Sunday

ex-wife Luis Miguel Aracely Arámbula bikini 5

Aracely Arámbula’s career began with her outstanding participation in beauty pageants in Chihuahua and Mexico City. In 1992 he went to Mexico City to try his luck in the world of acting, entering the Artistic Education Center (CEA) of Televisa, where he learned techniques of vocal interpretation, acting and dance.

All this brought her benefits, since today, all of Mexico knows Aracely’s outstanding career as an actress in outstanding soap operas, she constantly thanks God for everything and always wishes all her fans a good day, who comment on each post on your Instagram account.

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La Chule shows off her butt in a thong

ex-wife Luis Miguel Aracely Arámbula bikini 6
PHOTO Instagram

One of her greatest attributes of the actress, in addition to her breasts, is her rear, which she knows what she has, by showing it off on several occasions, in this post we can see an Aracely Arámbula turning her back to the camera, carrying a thong style bikini in black, with a hat of the same color.

Not only to him to anyone ”,“ how beautiful you are ”,“ pinc .. Luismi you ate that cul… ”,“ what delicious buttocks, you are like to come from behind, put the thong aside and give you a re … because of the cu… ”,“ Shawty Aracely wore this ”, this was what caused the image of ‘La Chule’.

“I’m still here”, Aracely Arámbula in a bikini

ex-wife Luis Miguel Aracely Arámbula bikini 7

Aracely Arámbula has had several romances with artists such as Eduardo Verástegui and Gabriel Soto, although it was not until 2005 that one of her most famous romances became known was with the singer Luis Miguel, with whom she was married for five years, until her divorce. in 2009.

This did not affect ‘La Chule’ at all, since as you can see in the photo, she maintained her enthusiasm and her great figure that shocks and amazes the media, since each posing in a bikini leaves one who another with an open mouth, few women have that great body.

Aracely Arámbula’s waist in a bikini

PHOTO Instagram

Among his leading characters on television are María del Carmen Campusano and María del Carmen Hernández, in Álvarez Abrazame muy fuerte ”; Regina Montes de Oca Rivera and Aimeé Montes de Oca, in “Corazón Salvaje”; Gabriela Suárez and Verónica Dantés “La Patrona”, in “La Patrona”; and Altagracia Sandoval Ramos, in “La Doña”.

A few days after La Doña premiered, ‘La Chule’ published a snapshot where she appears in a daring striped green bikini, where she is waiting for the great premiere of her novel and took the opportunity to invite her followers not only to see her show, but who invited them to eat his apple.

A good welcome to the Three Wise Men

PHOTO Instagram

On January 6, 2020, the Mexican posted a photo where she is sitting looking at the sky, and with the phrase: “Waiting for the Kings ”, making mention of the Three Wise Men, it is worth mentioning that Aracely boasts a dreamy leg with that black swimsuit that she is using.

Beautiful Aracely, I have always admired your beauty and your acting talent ”,“ you are a very beautiful and sexy goddess ”,“ very beautiful, what a beautiful woman, kisses ”,“ mamacita just go, I think that I die in peace with that, you look great !! ”were some of the comments.

And how not to fall in love with Aracely Arámbula in a bikini

PHOTO Instagram

Aracely’s first leading role was in 1998 in the telenovela “Soñadoras”, alongside youth actors such as Angélica Vale, Iran Castillo and Kuno Becker, among others. This soap opera turned out to be a great success in Mexico, as it was one of the first times where substance abuse was discussed openly among young people.

Precisely in this image ‘La Chule’ is a “dreamer”, since she is lying on the edge of a pool, wearing a sensual green swimsuit, which highlights her great attributes: “Even women want to touch you hahahaha ”, said a fan admiring Arámbula’s physique.

Aracely 1998 vs Aracely 2019, which one do you prefer?

PHOTO Instagram
The ex-wife of the singer Luis Miguel, received the year 2020 with all the attitude, and the artist made a comparison of how she looked at the end of 2019, with one of how she looked in the year of 1998, it is worth mentioning that in the two images the actress wears a pair of tiny bikinis.
Araceli, you look spectacular well for you, these beautiful congratulations and what hurts the father of your children is that you are beautiful, he did not miss it ”,“ what a great body, a lot of work ”,“ a lot of work? a lot of scalpel? ”,“ yes my life, but there you were all natural and now it is after a few million dollars ”, commented his fans.

Aracely Arámbula bikini: shows off her butt in a thong again

PHOTO Instagram
The Mexican artist turned on social networks again, when she appeared again showing off her voluptuous rear in a bikini in the shape of a thong, of various colors, here I use the famous phrase: “It’s Friday and the body knows it”, obviously the users They did not take long to react.
Beautiful lady, Sexy sexy !! ”,“ How beautiful, the beautiful body ”,“ Gee, Aracely what a beautiful butt you have mmmmmm .. !! ”,“ Well, it did have something to do with Mr. Scalpel, because as a young girl in the Dreamer’s novel She looked very sloppy, but she does have to exercise to keep her steady and in her place, ”Internet users commented.

Aracely Arámbula bikini: sending good vibes

PHOTO Instagram

In another image where Aracely Arámbula shows her rearguard again, this time wearing a sexy black thong, Luis Miguel’s ex commented: “Happy beginning of the week, have a great Monday and let it be a full day and week positive energy and all the best! Good news and good health ”.

They could not miss the lustful comments of some users: “Wow for me you are the perfect woman, what a body, what a beautiful face, a true goddess, God take care of you”, “we miss you beautiful!”. But someone definitely went further by saying, “How would I love to penetrate …”.

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