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Galilea and Andrea Legarreta cry for their families after the hurricane in Acapulco

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Galilea and Andrea Legarreta cry for their families (Photos: Mezcalent/AP)
  • Galilea and Andrea Legarreta cry because of the hurricane.
  • Relatives of celebrities in Acapulco.
  • Solidarity in the face of disaster.

The renowned hosts, Galilea Montijo and Andrea Legarreta, were moved on the set of their program ‘Hoy’.

All this, while they shared their concerns about the difficult situation that their loved ones face in the city of Acapulco, Guerrero.

The Category 5 hurricane that hit the region left a trail of devastation.

The situation led these prominent presenters to express their anguish and desire to support those affected by the tragedy.

Galilea and Andrea Legarreta cry in the face of misfortune

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PHOTO Mezcalent

Galilea Montijo, visibly affected, revealed her concern for the safety of her son Mateo and her ex-husband, who are in Acapulco.

She announced on the show that she would make the decision to move to the coastal city to be close to her family and broadcast the show from there the next day.

She also shared her determination to provide support to people severely affected by the natural disaster.

With tears in her eyes, she expressed her concern: «We have friends, family, I’m going to go be with my people. Thank God, my family is fine, my son is with his father.»

Andrea Legarreta gives good news

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PHOTO: Mezcalent

For her part, Andrea Legarreta, with equally intense feelings, shared her concern about the situation of her father and brother.

She stated that they were in Acapulco and with whom she had not been able to communicate.

However, shortly after, through her Instagram account, she announced with relief that she had managed to establish contact with them.

With tears, she commented: «My father call me, they found a way to communicate. He called me and told me that he is fine.» The news was a respite for the presenter and her family.

The fierce hurricane affected thousands of people

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Galilea and Andrea Legarreta cry PHOTO: Mezcalent

Despite this, Andrea Legarreta mentioned that some of her father’s neighbors were not so lucky, which underlines the magnitude of the tragedy that unfolded in the region.

She assured that they are also safe. The situation in Acapulco has generated a wave of concern and anguish in the population.

The tourist city in southern Mexico was hit by a fierce Category 5 hurricane that left at least 27 dead and four people missing.

As authorities work hard to restore access roads and communications, uncertainty remains amid the devastation.

The disaster caused by the natural phenomenon

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PHOTO: Mezcalent

The hurricane that hit Acapulco left a trail of destruction in its path that has shocked Mexico and the entire world.

Images of buildings damaged, flooded streets and devastated residential areas have moved everyone.

Local and federal authorities have been coordinating efforts to provide assistance to affected people and rescue those trapped by the storm.

The hosts of ‘Hoy’ join the cause and prepare to be with their loved ones and help those who need it most in Acapulco.

Solidarity in the face of the terrible situation

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Galilea and Andrea Legarreta cry PHOTO: AP

Their commitment to the community and their willingness to provide support demonstrate that, in times of adversity, unity and solidarity are essential.

As the situation develops, the world’s gaze is focused on Acapulco, where solidarity and hope are stronger than ever.

For their part, fans have expressed their best wishes for the famous Mexicans.

Click on the following videos to see what the hosts said. (SEE VIDEO OF ANDREA LEGARRETA), (SEE VIDEO OF GALILEA MONTIJO).

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