Inicio » English » Influencer and fart saleswoman Stephanie Matto is taken to the emergency room

Influencer and fart saleswoman Stephanie Matto is taken to the emergency room

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  • Fart saleswoman ends up in hospital.
  • Meet influencer Stephanie Matto, who became a millionaire by selling her farts in jars.
  • These were Stephanie’s health complications.

There is no doubt that the internet is full of surprises, dark secrets that we know nothing about and things that we had no idea existed. This story is about one of those things. Stephanie Matto is a woman who became a millionaire by selling jars of gas she expels from her body.

Stephanie Matto is a TV celebrity who sells jars of her farts for $1,000 each. This woman was a 90-Day Fiance star and says that she earns about $50,000 dollars a week selling jars of her farts. On her TikTok account, the young woman documents what she eats and does to maintain her business so that it continues to bear fruit.

Stephanie Matto is hospitalized for trying too hard

Hospitalized flatulence saleswoman
PHOTO: Instagram

The model and influencer, who is dedicated to selling her flatulence in jars for $1000 dollars a pop, went viral on Tuesday after revealing that she had been rushed to the emergency room due to a serious health scare caused by the effort she makes to produce her emissions.

According to ‘El Heraldo de México’, Stephanie Matto, who is 31 years old and originally from Connecticut in the United States, was taken to the emergency room after experiencing symptoms that felt like a heart attack. She said they included sharp chest pains and difficulty breathing. In the hospital, doctors carried out the necessary tests to see what was causing her illness.

These were the results of the lab tests

Hospitalized flatulence saleswoman
PHOTO: Twitter

The blonde influencer revealed on social media that her ailments were due to a series of symptoms caused by excess gas generated by her diet. She was eating large amounts of beans, eggs and banana protein shakes. After releasing the news, Matto revealed that she initially thought she was having a stroke and that she was living the last days of her life.

It should be noted that Stephanie began her artistic career on television, being recognized for her beauty and charisma. Then the influencer decided to focus on social media and that is how she began to boost her business. In fact, according to El Heraldo, the model began selling her jars at a 50% discount in December.

This is what people say about Stephanie Matto’s fart jars

Hospitalized flatulence saleswoman
PHOTO: Instagram

There are many opinions regarding how Matto has been making money and it’s reflected on social media. The majority of comments seem to come from foreigners and most of them are negative.

“Your mom should be very proud.” “Do you just talk about gas and that’s all you do?” “I heard about your trip to the hospital, how do you feel? No more eggs in the diet?” “I gasped one more time.” “You are too cute to talk about flatulence all the time.” These are just a few of the comments on her most recent Instagram post.

How Matto realized she needed to go to the ER

Hospitalized flatulence saleswoman
PHOTO: Instagram

Stephanie began to feel strange pain in her stomach and chest, so she decided to ask a close friend to go with her to the hospital to find out what was going on. That’s how Matto explained it in an Instagram post.

“I realized that something was not right that night, when I was lying in bed and I could feel a pressure in my stomach moving up.”The influencer said she was having trouble breathing. Every time she tried to inhale, she felt a pinching sensation around her heart, causing her anxiety to increase.

She knows how to make the most of her assets

Hospitalized flatulence saleswoman Stephanie Matto
PHOTO: Digital Trends

Some data that the outlet ‘Digital trends’ revealed is that the businesswoman knows how to sell herself. Stephanie has set up an online store selling 5,000 NFTs of cartoons of her gas jars. Stephanie commented “They are digital, that’s what we want to think, by saying that you can imagine the smell.”

People who are willing to pay $1000 for a fart jar are also willing to buy other items that the blonde sells, such as used lingerie. She charges $ 70 for panties.

 Stephanie Claims Her Gas Produces “Delicious Smells”

Stephanie matto
VIDEO: Instagram

On her Instagram and TikTok accounts, the influencer has uploaded content such as videos and images, promoting her brand. She announces different discounts, offers, and of course, reminds her audience to stay with her.

As expected, the public didn’t take long to comment and express their opinions about what the influencer does. “I hope you donate some proceeds, I was just laughing last night watching lead me home thinking there’s homeless people everywhere yet someone can sell their farts for more than average wage.” “I want to know what kind of people buy this bull#$,” and so on.

Stephanie Matto: “It all started as a joke”

Stephanie matto
PHOTO: The Pose

In an exclusive interview that Matto gave to ‘El Planteo’, the influencer explains how it all started as a joke. She says that when she put the first jars on sale, she expected two or three to be sold, but to her surprise the result was different.

“When I put them up for sale I anxiously waited to see if one or two would sell. In my mind, it was really a joke. But to my surprise… everything was sold. I think that’s when I realized that I was literally sitting on a gold mine,” says Matto exclusively to El Planteo.

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