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Elizabeth Gutiérrez, William Levy’s wife, talks about her son’s accident in an interview

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  • Actress Elizabeth Gutiérrez poses with her children Christopher and Kailey Levy for the first time in an interview for the magazine ¡Hola!
  • She talks about the accident her son suffered, which changed his life forever.
  • She also talks about what this experience was like for her husband, William Levy.

Elizabeth Gutiérrez interview: In the month of June 2021, the magazine ¡Hola! embellished its cover with the actress and model Elizabeth Gutiérrez, who poses for the first time next to her children, the result of her marriage to William Levy: Christopher and Kailey.

In this edition, Gutiérrez spoke about the tragic accident that her eldest son experienced last October while he was driving a golf cart, when he tragically overturned causing him serious injuries, which over time have been healing but keep him away from his passion: baseball.

Elizabeth Gutiérrez interview An interview with Elizabeth Gutiérrez

Elizabeth Gutiérrez interview
Photo: Instagram

On this occasion, ¡Hola! Magazine brought us an extremely moving interview about the actress Elizabeth Gutiérrez, who opened her heart and recounted the most terrifying experience she had lived last year regarding her son’s accident and how the family went through the process.

In a video posted by the magazine’s Instagram account, the most vulnerable side of William Levy’s wife is observed, who also tells about her family life, her daughter Kailey giving details that she had never mentioned before and above all, of the connection that exists between the two brothers, making this interview a very special one. Filed Under: Elizabeth Gutiérrez Interview

“A call you never want to receive”

Elizabeth Gutiérrez interview
Photo: Instagram

It was on October 7, 2020, when the press laid eyes on the Levy-Gutiérrez family given that the news had spread about an accident to the couple’s eldest son, the details were scarce and it was only known that the minor was being airlifted to a hospital due to injuries to his left knee.

For the first time, Elizabeth tells the magazine Hello !, how she lived the moment when she found out what was happening with her son: “It is a call that you never want to receive as a mother and at one in the afternoon, Kailey received this call She came running hysterically to the room. I didn’t know what was happening. I picked up the phone and he told me in tears: ‘Mommy, I destroyed my life. ” Filed Under: Elizabeth Gutiérrez Interview

Elizabeth Gutiérrez interview Christopher’s accident

Photo: Instagram

“He stayed to sleep at a friend’s house. The next day, in the morning, I told him that I was going to get him, but he asked me for a bit more. And I allowed it. He called me within hours and said: ‘Mommy, I destroyed my life. I have to go to the hospital, “Elizabeth tells the magazine, then recounting how she told her husband.

“My body collapsed. I didn’t have to say anything to William. With my expression, I said it all. The 15 minutes it took us to go to his friend’s house have been the longest I have lived in my life. ” He finished narrating, remembering how difficult it was for both parents to find out about their eldest son’s accident. Filed Under: Elizabeth Gutiérrez Interview

I thank God, because when I arrived, he was already inside the ambulance

Photo: Instagram

The actress said that at the time she arrived, her son was already protected by the medical staff and inside the ambulance, and thus she did not have to see him on the ground, although of course, the image of seeing her son in such conditions it impacted her forever.

“We arrived and there were three ambulances, police… I thank God, because when I arrived, he was already inside the ambulance. I didn’t see him on the floor! ”Gutiérrez recalls, mentioning that he wanted me to accompany him to the hospital inside the vehicle, but that they did not allow it due to the care that was maintained by Covid-19. Filed Under: Elizabeth Gutiérrez Interview

Elizabeth Gutiérrez Interview The Hard Times William Levy Faced

Elizabeth Gutiérrez interview
Photo: Instagram

Despite the success that the Cuban actor is having right now, a couple of months ago he lived through harrowing hours. His wife tells the magazine how he survived the situation and how he became the main emotional support of his son after the accident.

“William was not sleeping. And I, as a mother, was dying inside. Every time I went into surgery, I would pray and cry in a corner. ” The businesswoman commented, continuing with what Levy, despite working in Colombia, there is not a day that she does not encourage her son. Filed Under: Elizabeth Gutiérrez Interview

Elizabeth Gutiérrez interviews Kailey’s reaction

Elizabeth Gutiérrez interview
Photo: Instagram

One of the people who lived through Christopher’s accident was his younger sister: Kailey Levy. The 11-year-old girl was the one who received that stormy call, which became a traumatic event, as her mother describes it.

“It was traumatic for her. They are very attached. Kai answered the phone when Christopher dialed me. All the way he was screaming: ‘My Toty, my Toty’, spoke Elizabeth. Previously, the relationship of the brothers has been talked about, in fact, it is something that the followers of both boys have been able to observe in the social networks of the minors, where they do not hesitate to share their affection in tender photographs and beautiful words.

What was it like to overcome this difficult situation as a family

Photo: Instagram

Undoubtedly, last year was one of the most difficult for both actors, perhaps in a professional matter it was fruitful for William Levy releasing a film that he produced, but in his private life he was marred by this difficult situation, although of course, as a family they could get over it together.

How well does the actress say in this editionWe must always highlight the positive: “We begin to see all the positive within all the bad, we hold on to it, all calm, everything will be fine, he will be fine, he will get ahead.”

Elizabeth and tokens of appreciation to her followers

Elizabeth Gutiérrez interview
Photo: Instagram

Another aspect that stood out and helped the actress in this difficult moment was the support and affection that existed from the fans of both actors; They were difficult days but there was always a message or comment towards both of them and of course, addressed to Christopher.

It was at that moment that Elizabeth wrote to them through an Instagram post, which reads: “Thank you all who without knowing us pray for our son Christopher as a family. May God heal Christopher and the other boys completely and quickly (…) Christopher is a child of Faith. ”

The post recovery process

Photo: Instagram

Seven months have passed since the accident and it has been a rough road for Christopher Levy. His knee was the most damaged limb from the fall, although fortunately no bones were broken, it is known that he had problems with a tendon and that it was difficult for him to move at first.

“For six months, we have been going to therapy every day. He couldn’t bend his knee and now … he’s already flexing it! “, He said in the interview, also mentioning that for Toty, as they affectionately call him, the most difficult thing has been to be away from the sport he practices.

Missing the sport

Elizabeth Gutiérrez interview
Photo: Instagram

Through Instagram, the young man has commented on several occasions that he misses playing and how hard it has been to stay away from sport. At first because of the pandemic and now because of his recovery after the accident, in the interview given by his mother, he tells us that what he asked the doctors and nurses most was if he could play baseball.

It was recently that the boy uploaded a photograph of him playing and it reads “Missing this” at the bottom of the image, to which his father replied in the comments section: “With God’s favor, I will soon be there on my account. champ…. love you and miss watching you play ”, showing support for her firstborn.

Return to performance

Elizabeth Gutiérrez interview
Photo: Instagram

Another aspect that stood out in this interview was the fact that Elizabeth Gutiérrez spoke about her interest in returning to acting, since she has been away from cameras and studies for a long time, and even said that her children motivate her to return.

“My children already ask me: ‘Mommy, when you go to work, Mommy …’, because it is something that I want them to be part of, I want them to be part of my life, of who I am. Watching scripts, studying proposals, reading, that is, obviously I want to be with my children, I want to be as present as possible, but if I’m seeing opportunities, I want to do some acting, “he acknowledged before the magazine’s cameras, showing himself more peaceful.

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